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Six Months Later, The ID Of Cop Who Killed Trump Supporter Ashli Babbit Has Come To Light

In a recent email to supporters, former President Donald Trump asked, “Who shot Ashli Babbitt?”

Babbitt was an Air Force veteran and Trump supporter who was shot dead by a U.S. Capitol Police officer during the Jan. 6 mayhem at the U.S. Capitol.

Apparently, six months later, we have an answer.

According to reports in conservative media, his name is Lt. Michael Byrd.

In a distinct reversal of almost every other officer-involved shooting in America, the Capitol Police and federal prosecutors have steadfastly refused to identify him – although they had no problem announcing in April that the unidentified officer was cleared of any wrongdoing in shooting Babbitt, who was unarmed.

Perhaps one reason is that the shooting turns the liberal “narrative” on its head.

Babbitt, again unarmed, is white; Byrd, who fired the only shot that day, is black.

The conservative website Real Clear Investigations reported Byrd’s identity on Wednesday.

For its evidence, RCI noted, “In a little-noticed exchange, Byrd was cited by the acting House sergeant at arms during a brief discussion of the officer who shot Babbitt at a Feb. 25 House hearing.”

“Both C-SPAN and CNN removed his name from transcripts, but CQ Transcripts — which, according to its website, provides ‘the complete word from Capitol Hill; exactly as it was spoken’ — recorded the Capitol official, Timothy Blodgett, referring to the cop as ‘Officer Byrd.’ His name is clearly audible in the videotape of the hearing.”

“Byrd appears to match the description of the shooter, who video footage shows is an African American dressed that day in a business suit. Jewelry, including a beaded bracelet and lapel pin, also match up with photos of Byrd,” RCI continued.

“In addition, Byrd’s resume lines up with what is known about the experience and position of the officer involved in the shooting – a veteran USCP officer who holds the rank of lieutenant and is the commander of the House Chamber Section of the Capitol Police. Following the shooting, Byrd’s Internet footprint was scrubbed, including his social media and personal photos.”

RCI quoted a lawyer hired by Babbitt’s family who claims to have a witness that can confirm Byrd as the shooter. RCI also noted that a Capitol Police spokeswoman did not deny the claim when it asked if Byrd fired the fatal shot.

The kicker, according to RCI, is that Byrd has a record of mishandling his weapon. 

“In February 2019,” RCI reported, “Lt. Byrd was investigated for leaving his department-issued Glock-22 firearm unattended in a restroom on the House side of the Capitol, even though the potent weapon, which fires .40-caliber rounds, has no manual safety to prevent unintended firing.”

“Fortunately, the abandoned gun was discovered by another officer during a routine security sweep. A Glock-22 was used in the Babbitt shooting.”

One America News Network reported that the Capitol Police defended Byrd in a statement, saying “the lieutenant did not know if protesters were armed” and that he “believed his life was in danger.”

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45 Replies to “Six Months Later, The ID Of Cop Who Killed Trump Supporter Ashli Babbit Has Come To Light”

  1. Legal murder of a unarmed patriot in America.
    Rest in peace in Vallhalla my brave war sister.

  2. What happen to not shooting until you see the other person’s weapon, he had a gun, she had nothing. I guess unarmed white protesters lifes do not matter.

  3. That lieutenant should be stripped of his weapon for the rest of his life and not allowed to be around any weapons and fired from the capital police. You should also serve jail time. Like pelosi always said no one is above the law and American citizens are getting really disgusting that Democrats seem to be above the law since they never get punished for their crimes.
    And that must stop. They catch the criminals and it’s like they install the revolving door in the jail they go in they show their face yeah burnt down the building yeah right on people yeah I destroyed the police vehicle and then they come right back out. Then they wonder why crime is high it’s not the weapons folks it’s the politicians that are allowing laws to be broken.

  4. That’s easy. White lives don’t matter. There will be no charges you can bet on that!

  5. Two tier justice is NO JUSTICE

  6. Nancy Pelosi described the January event as an “armed insurrection.” Liar. Like everything in America, rules that apply to citizens don’t apply to elected officials. Scandal – armed capital hill policeman shoots unarmed vet point blank range and kills her. Bigger scandal – Democrat coverup. Irony – unarmed female white vet killed by armed black officer turns liberal narrative upside down. This whole thing stinks to high heaven but fits in nicely with the Russian Hoax, Biden’s lies about business deals, the fake dossier, etc. Ethics, morality, the truth are strangers to the corrupt Democrat party led by the always disgusting Nancy Pelosi. The fact that the guy wearing horns in the capital is still being held in solitary confinement is an outrage. Murderers, rapists and pedophiles don’t spend that much time in solitary. There’s a special place in Hell for Pelosi.

  7. Old people without guns lead by FBI Infiltrators and ushered in by Capitol Police ?? The shooting was designed to incite rioting and death but peaceful old people ran away. They like Ashli Patriots not Democrat Insurrectionists who overthrew a legal Government with fraud.

  8. They’re HUNTING for other people who were there so they can put them in jail for no reason other than just BEING THERE & being Republican. This killer will never see the inside of a jail. He’s probably been promoted to being pelosi’s personal security guard.

  9. Weird. We’re you saying this when unarmed black folks are murdered by the police.

    Fuck you you fucking traitor.

  10. Unfortunately, what you say is true. It’s only if a white police shoots a black criminal, usually resisting arrest, that Antifa and BLM destroy our country! Notice, patriots will NOT riot over a black police killing a white, unarmed woman.

  11. You are one sorry assed and disgusting, may I guess, JAFN. Yup, you guessed it.

  12. Trigger warning: This is not short enough for a ridiculous “Tweet”…it has substance. Only read if you give a damn.

    If we weren’t idiotic, hand-out loving, TDS-suffering folks, we’d be in the streets rioting, throwing bricks, setting fires and scribing explicit graffiti on children’s home front steps. (Did I mention I’m parital? I live very close to the core of the city, and witnessed a lot up front and close last summer…of course, no one can beat Seattle’s great numbers of idiots).

    Part of me wants to listen to the Bible’s “Turn the other cheek” (which hasn’t been working for us very well), and then I remember it also says “Eye for an eye”….Just sayin’….At some point, the calm and intelligent Americans will understand that we are more divided and weak than ever because of these politics. Even China made comments about our loss of influence in the past week. The real “woke” are the ones that know if we don’t stop this, we won’t just be arguing between parties, we’ll be fighting for this country’s survival, let alone dominance.

    Best to all!

    Army Brat —
    (Who has generations on-end, on every branch of my family, who fought with their own blood- as well as those of their parents, siblings, children…all so these asshats can burn flags and police stations. Regardless of group name, those are the true insurgents, the true anarchists. They must be stopped before this country plummets from within. We are our own worst enemy)!

    Peace out. Argue if you want, but I’m at that point where I won’t change my thoughts. I have done extensive genealogy, history, and sociological research. War by war, battle by battle, treaty by treaty. It comes down to the same fundamental values, over and over, and yet we humans are hell-bent on destroying each other. And we make it even easier, without a single shot fired by foreign nations…to overcome us. I will not change in that particular opinion set.

  13. Rules of engagement…military…He probably knew that, but also as a Capital Hill Lieutenant, he was probably assured that nothing bad would come his way if he followed their instructions to be the aggressor. That she was white was probably just an added bonus for him.

    We persecute a cop who followed his training (even if we find it horrific, it was what they were taught to do!)…but they completely scrub him from internet. No protests or threats to him or his family. No riots. No protests. No calls for bias or hate crime? No public transparency for tax-payer funded police killing one of our patriots? An unarmed female? Where is this outrage??? I’m so disgusted with the twisting of words at the people’s expense. It hurts us all. Some are more ignorant than others, don’t hate them, continue to shed light to them. Hate gets us no where. That’s the point everyone should be getting…

  14. Black, White or Green a man wearing a representing the police shot an unarmed veteran peacefully standing in the peoples house. This police man was protecting the biggest group of cowards in the country. These so called representatives should be the ones on trial for their betrayal of the people that they were elected to serve.

    These traitors are trying to divide us with pure stupidity that we should all be able to see through. Once we can agree on this fact the country will be the United States again. God help Us all.

  15. From what I understand, this byrd is so careless with his firearm, there is no way this clown should have been entrusted with a lethal weapon.

  16. What do you mean? The fake news showed his hand,gun,and even jewelry on his wrist..his had was clearly shown n black.

  17. ambientnomad, I believe you are exactly right. I was sure the man was white, and thin, not overweight or black like this dude shown here. Are we being lied to again by the media, the politicians, etc?

  18. He needs to be prosecuted. I don’t see her name on the side of a building on a murel.She served our country and was unarmed. She has been 100 percent discriminated against.

  19. Provide the list of the unarmed, those who respected the police when being addressed that got shot…I’ll wait oh and fk u too you need to learn how to act and educate yourself it might help you in your future if you even think about that but I have a feeling your gaming, fat and in mama’s basement smoking your vape what the dude did is murder look up the definition today and that’s how easy it is to educate yourself!!!

  20. I don’t think that will work out well for them everything they have done is called out on them in the first hour they can’t pull off anything without getting caught their dumber than they look I mean come on these people don’t even have a proper education, can’t wait to see them all go down

  21. America is now in the hands of and being run by a total bunch of crooks and very bad people and it isn’t going to be easy getting America back…stand-by.

  22. LOL. Yeah, Babbitt was just “being there” Climbing over barricades, ignoring orders by the authorities, participating in a riot.

    Babbitt is an un American scumbag. Good riddance to that.

  23. LOL. What happened to Babbitt was wholly justified. Those scumbag anti-americans who stormed the Capitol based on a lie are lucky it was just her. We should be talking about the 30-40 terrorists who were taken down that day. Instead it’s just this one idiot.

  24. A true “House Negro” – an incompetent and likely illiterate token who somehow still has a job despite leaving his loaded pistol in the men’s room crapper a few years ago at the Capitol. Token Black ain’t ever been blacker. If I ever meet him I’ll have a discussion about his incompetencies.

  25. No a citizen turned it in after Token Black the illiterate flunkie left it on the toilet paper dispenser. Mine Byrd is as worthless as a used rubber.

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