Social Justice Warrior Colin Kaepernick

SJW Kaepernick Says He’s Willing To Re-Enter The NFL’s “Slave” System, Even If It’s As A Backup

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro often notes that, in the end, capitalism always wins. It looks like the NFL has just proven why.

In a podcast, Monday with a group of former NFL players, professional Social Justice Warrior Colin Kaepernick revealed that he is so hungry to return to professional football that he is willing to become a backup quarterback.

“You don’t do that if you don’t have a passion, and you don’t believe you’re gonna find a way on that field,” Kaepernick told the “I Am Athlete” hosts Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, and Pacman Jones. He was referring to spending the last five years of “training” to return to the game he left in 2016.

“I know I have to find my way back in. So yeah. If I have to come in as a backup, that’s fine,” the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback continued.

“But that’s not where I’m staying. And when I prove that I’m a starter, I want to be able to step on the field as such. I just need that opportunity to walk through the door.”

Kaepernick’s willingness to concede to becoming a backup QB is nothing short of astonishing.

Kaepernick was instrumental in igniting the recent SJW moment by kneeling for the National Anthem in the 2016 season. Kaepernick did so after he was benched in the preseason.

His career sputtered and he eventually, and bitterly, left the game. On that podcast Monday, he admitted that not a single NFL team offered to give him a tryout after he got out of football.

Kaepernick went on to become the country’s leading SJW, and certainly its main cause for like-minded wokesters, by accusing the NFL, professional sports, and America more broadly of being systemically racist – an odd grievance for a business that paid him $44 million as a player and a hefty piece of a $10 million settlement after he and another player maintained in a lawsuit that NFL owners colluded to blackball him.

The real answer was something closer to the fact that NFL owners saw his talent had more or less flamed out and that he could be a major headache, because his kneeling prompted a protest movement that divided not just sports, but America itself. The kneeling was only part of it, however. He publicly attacked police as racist drones of a white supremacist system, including flaunting socks that depicted cops as pigs.

Then, just six months ago, Netflix released a biographical documentary about Kaepernick.

On one part, he compared the NFL’s annual scouting combine, where players try to show off their athleticism before the draft, to an antebellum slave auction. 

“What they don’t want you to understand is what’s being established is a power dynamic,” Kaepernick said in the film. “Before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod and examine you searching for any defect that might affect your performance. No boundary respect. No dignity left intact.”

The comments came accompanied with video that showed black actors morphing from athletes to chattel to be bid on by whites.

Now, the man who spearheaded a lie that the NFL was running the equivalent of a slave auction wants to be let back on the “plantation.”

“The NFL is supposed to be a meritocracy,” he told his podcast hosts. “Come in, let me compete. If I’m not good enough, get rid of me. But let me come in and show you.”

On the podcast, Kaepernick also disputed the notion that he would be an actual headache for any team that signed him – even though it’s reasonable for any owner or coach to assume that Kaepernick, despite his stated willingness to be a No. 2, would soon claim racism if he did not get to play. He has such a history.

Kaepernick said on the podcast that two of his former pro coaches said he “made the locker room better.”

“That 2016 season, my last year, my teammates voted me the most courageous and inspirational player. So, when you’re talking about the people that are actually in the building, that has never come out that I’ve been a distraction. It’s never come out that I’ve been an issue for the people I’ve played with,” he said.

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