Body-Worn Cameras Deployed

St. Pete Police Roll Out Body-Worn Cameras

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. – The St. Petersburg Police Department is rolling out its body worn camera program today.

The first police squads began training this week, with the first officers cameras hitting the streets today with the cameras.  The St. Police Department said it will take 4-6 weeks to get all the officers through the training and issued a body camera. 

In- car cameras will also be part of the program. These will take longer to install in 360 patrol cars and should be completed in 2021.

The Department purchased the system from Axon. See cost breakdown below.

-Total of 575 body cameras and all associated hardware -Total of 360 fleet camera systems and all associated hardware -Unlimited storage of case recordings on the Digital Evidence Management System Year 1 total costs:  $2.6M Year 2 total costs:  $1.03M Year 3 total costs:  $1.03M Year 4 total costs:  $1.03M Year 5 total costs:  $1.03M Grand Total 5 Year Costs:  $ 6.75M

The cameras will automatically record, with a 30-second pre-roll, anytime the weapon or taser is removed from its holster. Officers will also be required to manually activate the camera for the following circumstances:

  • Traffic stops
  • Pedestrian stops
  • Crimes in progress
  • Vehicle pursuits
  • Suspicious person/vehicle contacts
  • Arrests
  • Vehicle searches
  • Anytime currency/valuables are handles
  • Physical or verbal confrontations
  • Domestic violence calls
  • DUI investigations
  • Foots pursuits
  • Advising an individual of their Miranda warnings
  • Use of Force
  • During building clearances
  • Any situation or incident that the Officer, through training and experience believes should be recorded.
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