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“St. Pete Police, Where The F**K Are You?” Man Pulls Knife, Another Man Pulls Gun

SAINT PETERSBURG, Fla. – At a ‘mixer’ protest in St. Pete last night, a BLM protester pulled what appears to be a knife on an opposing protester. The opposing protester pulls a gun.

A man filming this episode says, “St. Pete Police, Where The F**K are you?”, there is some irony there, with the ‘Defund The Police’ movement.

St. Pete Police, in a statement said, “Police are aware of videos posted to various social media accounts showing a protestor pulling out a small knife and showing it to an opposing protestor and the opposition responding with showing a handgun. The groups separated and no shots were fired and no one was hurt. No property was damaged. Police are currently investigating the incident. Police had multiple extra squads patrolling the downtown area down to the Pier last night to ensure the safety of residents and business patrons. At one point on the videos, police officers can be seen separating the arguing groups.”

A video of the episode is below.

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3 Replies to ““St. Pete Police, Where The F**K Are You?” Man Pulls Knife, Another Man Pulls Gun”

  1. The jerk with the Knife is lucky he wasn’t shot.

    Just showing that knife is a Deadly Threat. If the guy with the gun is charged with anything the rest of the. Concealed carrying public won’t give a punk with a knife a second chance. They will shoot without hesitation…..

    Liberals should learn what can or can’t get a person killed legally…..

    That whole ” just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right ” is one of the stupidest defences for blaming someone whom shoots and kills someone attempting to previously harm or kill them.

  2. Just brandishing a weapon is no cause to get shot. That being said if you advance towards the victim and get shot—you’re bad…

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