Stage Fright: CPAC Conspiracy Theory About Nazi Symbolism Debunked

Ever since the election, liberals have maintained that former President Donald Trump’s supporters were duped by “baseless,” “unfounded” and ridiculous “conspiracy theories” – and accordingly they have deemed that Trump’s fans are unworthy of being part of polite society.

Never mind that they themselves swallowed and promoted the lie that Trump conspired with Russian trolls to steal the 2016 election, or time and again accepted as real the hoaxes pulled by Jussie Smollett and countless other race hustlers.

No, you won’t hear in the mainstream media anything about liberal conspiracy theories – the most virulent of which at the moment is that white supremacists are about to take over the government, and that secretive, suspicious Nazi covens are as ubiquitous as Starbucks franchises.

The recent Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, in Orlando provided the latest fodder for this absurdity.

The claim is best coming from actress Alyssa Milano, who has been the high priestess of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Milano claimed the stage at CPAC resembled World War II Nazi military regalia.

“This is the stage at CPAC. THEY’RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO HIDE IT ANYMORE,” she posted on social media juxtaposing a photo of the CPAC stage with an image of a Nazi uniform. 

@hyatt (which hosted the event), this is what’s happening in your building. @tedcruz, you stood on this stage.”

Now, it’s not surprising Milano saw a Nazi symbol in the stage configuration.

In 2017, she tweeted, without providing proof, “Just walked into a Christmas store in NY and someone arranged all the elf arms in nazi salutes. I’m sick to my stomach.”

The problem is that Milano’s post and others were picked up by other liberal zealots, and even some Republicans, who then called for boycotting  Hyatt.

Chris Truax, who was described as a Republican lawyer, took to the pages of USA Today to say, “The stage at CPAC 2021 last weekend was built in the shape of a rebranded swastika.”

“We’ve had five years of Trump’s winking and nudging at white supremacists,” he added, “but this goes beyond any of that. This blatant use of a neo-Nazi symbol isn’t a wink and a nudge. It’s a public high-five.”

The Washington Post picked up the assertions, quoting Hyatt executives, who said “all such symbols are abhorrent and unequivocally counter to our values.”

Well, long after the smears zoomed through the media like Chase Elliott at Daytona, we finally got the truth.

The Forward, a Jewish publication, first reported that Design Foundry, the stage designer, allowed the American Conservative Union, which hosted the event, to approve the design, “but had no rights to change the design or dismantle the stage.”

The firm’s contract with the ACU stated: “The designs, renderings, drawings, specifications, materials and other documents used or created as part of the proposal are owned by Design Foundry,” which by the way, had worked with CPAC in the past.

But that’s not all.

The Forward noted, “Design Foundry … has provided services to MSNBC and major corporations – including Google, Citibank, and Target.”

In other words, the wokest of the woke.

Oh, and Fox News noted that Design Foundry had also worked for the Biden Cancer initiative – as in Joe Biden, the guy who said he was motivated to run for president because of Trump’s alleged racism.

Moreover, a publication called The National Pulse said that 98.2 percent of political contributions made by Design Foundry employees went to … Democrats.

New York magazine journalist Yashar Ali tweeted that the company’s owner “is very liberal and was so excited for Biden’s victory.”

By the way, the Post’s most recent mention of Design Foundry notes that last summer it coordinated the painting of Black Lives Matter murals that appeared in Washington.

“Great work conspiracy theorists. So many of you decided to go after something without any reporting or knowledge about who was responsible for the design,” Ali tweeted.

“Now an event company, which is a liberal owned and run a small business, is associated with a horrific allegation that is based on conspiracies and no evidence.”

Independent journalist Mike Rothschild tweeted in reply to Ali, “I’m a liberal Jew with the last name Rothschild who writes about conspiracies and extremism. If the CPAC stage were actually a Nazi rune, I’d be screaming about it. Instead, I’m debunking it. Because it’s not.”

The Post has nothing about correcting or clarifying its story on Hyatt and the liberal hysteria about the stage – which the company said was designed as such so as to comply with COVID guidelines.

Meanwhile, USA Today makes no mention of correcting or clarifying Truax’s libel.

Thus it seems liberal “conspiracy theories” are acceptable, with no one paying a price, especially when they can be milked for liberals’ political gain – and truth be damned.  

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