Harvard Star Spangled Banner (X)

Star Spangled Banner Blasts At Anti-Israel Harvard Encampment Overnight

Harvard Star Spangled Banner (X)
Harvard Star Spangled Banner (X)

Harvard University has found itself at the center of a contentious battle over ideological lines. As anti-America and anti-Israel encampments have taken root on the prestigious institution’s grounds, a heroic individual has emerged to counter their efforts in a most patriotic fashion.

Overnight, the “Star-Spangled Banner” began to reverberate through the air toward the anti-Israel protesters as they slept.

“Someone just blasted the Star-Spangled Banner at the anti-Israel Harvard encampment tonight,” said Kassy Akiva on X.

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“After midnight and Patriots are blasting The Star Spangled Banner at the Harvard Encampment while “Protesters” are asleep. Seeing this gave me Chills, this is amazing,” said X user TheThe1776.

As Tampa Free Press readers may recall, we reported on a group of fraternity students at the University of North Carolina defending a large American flag as pro-Hamas protesters sought to rip it down.

The students surrounded the flag to protect it and even held it up to prevent it from touching the ground.

The men acted because the radicals had succeeded in an earlier incident. A gang of Gaza Camp protesters ripped down the flag and hoisted a Palestine flag.

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UNC Interim Chancellor Lee Roberts personally went to the flagpole with a police escort and put the U.S. flag back up.

UNC student Guillermo Estrada posted about the standoff.

“Chancellor Roberts came with police officers to hang the flag once again. They were met with profanity, middle fingers, thrown bottles, rocks, and water,” he posted.

As Roberts returned to the quad to put up the flag, chants of ‘USA, USA, USA!’ were made by students at the scene.

“The flag represents all of us. Take that flag, and put up another flag, no matter what other flag it is. That’s antithetical to who we are and what this university stands for [and] what we have done for 229 years,” Roberts said while hanging the American flag again. 

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Estrada noted in his post, “When the flag was raised once again, the Greek community began singing the National anthem. As the Chancellor left, the quad erupted into chaos as protestors began removing the flag once again, preparing to destroy it.”

At that point, the pro-America protesters, including Estrada, defended the flag.

“People began throwing water bottles at us, rocks, sticks, calling us profane names. We stood for an hour defending the flag so many fight to protect,” he added in his post.

“My parents started a new life in the United States, a country that has helped them flourish and raise two kids. I grew up in a Military community and saw firsthand the sacrifices they make. I will not stand for the disrespect these ‘protestors’ cause for the sake of another country.”

UNC eventually installed barriers around the flag.

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