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Statement by RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters Tonight’s Presidential Debate

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – Americans finally saw firsthand tonight, with no media filter, the cavernous difference between what a robust President Donald J. Trump has accomplished in just 47 months compared to what Joe Biden has done in 47 years.

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President Trump’s record of getting-it-done contrasted brightly with the reality that even Biden’s few “accomplishments” in nearly half a century were mistakes. From the three-strikes mandatory sentencing laws that disproportionately hit black Americans, to economic stagnation across America to virtually every foreign policy position, Biden did it wrong — when he did anything.

The stark difference is that under President Trump’s leadership, in just the past four months, more than 10 million Americans have been employed — recouping nearly half the jobs that were lost during the global pandemic, much more quickly than experts said was possible. President Trump’s strong American trade agreements, unshackling of small businesses and tax reforms will continue the rapid economic recovery.

This contrasts with Joe Biden’s failed policies of promising to raise taxes on 82 percent of Americans, re-regulating small businesses and enacting portions of the radical Green New Deal — prescription combo that would cripple the ability of American families to get back on their feet. We know this because as Vice President, Joe Biden presided over the worst recovery since the Great Depression with similar policies. No Americans want a redo of that economy.

Joe Biden hid in his basement for months, committing to defunding the police as leftist lawbreakers burned and looted cities across the country. He shamefully stayed silent while our brave law enforcement officers were targeted by violent protesters. He even promised to shut everything down again if elected.

Is this what we could expect from a Biden presidency? Do Americans want this sad inertness in the White House to deal with the next threat, or his wretched economic policies to squash the economic recovery and recreate a Jimmy Carter-era misery index?

During Biden’s time in hiding, President Trump was robustly out fighting for law and order and American jobs every day, showing by his actions and energy that whether it is healthcare, the economy, law and order, the environment or energy independence, President Trump is the leader who will complete the Great American Comeback and Keep America Great.

Statement by RPOF Chairman Joe Gruters
Re: Tonight’s Presidential Debate

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