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STILRIDE presents electric scooter folded in stainless steel through industrial origami


STILRIDE industrial origami

STILRIDE sideview

STILRIDE founders

Tue Beijer and Jonas Nyvang

STILRIDE announces that their new electric Sports Utility Scooter STILRIDE folded in stainless steel through industrial origami is ready for presentation.

We strongly believe in the electrification of personal mobility and see the need for a new breed of mid-range commuting vehicle made in harmony with nature”

— Tue Beijer

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, November 16, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — STILRIDE announces that their new electric Sports Utility Scooter STILRIDE folded in stainless steel through industrial origami is ready for presentation. The Sweden-based startup is pioneering industrial origami in light electric vehicles – a cutting edge sheet metal shaping procedure using origami folding techniques, laser cutting and industrial robotics

Tue Beijer is an industrial designer, and after more than 20 years in the vehicle business he is now the founder of STILRIDE. Together with managing director and co-founder Jonas Nyvang and their team in Sweden, they want to build the most attractive and sustainable electric scooter in the world.

The mission is to create clean energy powered personal mobility devices through a flexible and sustainable production technology called industrial origami. STILRIDE wants to challenge the traditional view of manufacturing through using robotic industrial origami to fold structures from a flat sheet of metal true to the material’s characteristics and geometric nature. A safe, desirable and sustainable production and transportation platform.

The company started as a research project and it has now taken the initial design of the STILRIDE electric scooter motorbike into a finished concept. In the process the project has demonstrated the method of designing and constructing using steel sheets as the raw material through industrial origami using its proprietary technology called LIGHT.FOLD. Years in the making and originally no more than a novel mind-bending concept, the STILRIDE manufacturing platform is now being simulated by the the R&D company Robotdalen, making “produced here” not only viable, but to all intents a no-brainer for a wide range of products.

Several well-established Swedish technology and industrial players, eager to get in on the game-changing production technology, are partners in the project. These integral partnerships have resulted in their first product: STILRIDE SUS1 with innovative tech features, sustainable and efficient batteries and a class leading electronic engine, conceptualized to take happy commuters from point A to point B in harmony with nature.

The STILRIDE research project is lead by founders Jonas Nyvang and Tue Beijer. A tight collaboration between them, the product development company Semcon, the steel engineering workshop Brantheim, the research institute RISE IVF as well as the global stainless steel manufacturer Outokumpu has been the foundation of the success. The STILRIDE project is part of the research program Metalliska material coordinated by Jernkontoret and funded by The Swedish Innovation Agency: Vinnova.

The idea for STILRIDE originates from 1993 when Tue Beijer designed his first electric scooter. Tue Beijer has since worked for the legendary Giotto Bizzarrini, the father of the 250 GTO and the Lamborghini V12 engine, BMW motorcycles, Husqvarna and has his spare time designed a lightweight sports car from scratch.

Follow the journey at Instagram @stilride or www.stilride.com

For more information:
Jonas Nyvang. Ph: +46 707 66 30 22. E: jonas@stilride.com

VIDEO: STILRIDE Industrial origami
To find out more sign up for STILRIDE’s keynote presentation at the TechTank conference 26th November: https://www.techtankconference.se


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