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Sun City Center Voting Safely and Responsibly

June 29, 2020

By: Kim Droege, SCC Resident

SUN CITY CENTER Fla. – I want to make my fellow SCC residents and members aware of the voting and poll situation in our community currently.  The SCC CA Board has no plans to open any CA facilities for onsite voting.  This would mean those of you who vote at Community Hall, the largest precinct in SCC, or at other member-owned CA facilities, would not be able to do for the August primary.  And this situation may continue in November for the general election. 

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Your options would be Vote by Mail or vote at the SouthShore Regional Library which is not golf car accessible. For those of you who regularly Vote by Mail, it presents no issue as 47% of you did in 2016 and 54% in 2018 (stats courtesy of the Hillsborough SOE).   But what about the other 53% and 46%, respectively? Aren’t they important too?  Don’t their votes matter?   We have increasingly witnessed in recent elections every vote counts as margins between victory and defeat are narrowing.

I understand Kings Point residents and owners of their facilities will have 2 sites within the walls for only their residents to vote.  Surely, if they think they can offer voting sites safely and securely, SCC can too.  And, of course, their 2 sites are completely golf car accessible or even walkable, in some cases. 


Many SCC residents are venturing out to dine, shop, have elective surgery, visit the doctor, walk at the central campus, swim/hang out at the pool, to name a few activities.  If you can don mask and gloves to do many of these activities, don’t you think you could vote safely and securely in your member-owned facilities?  The interior of Community Hall is large enough to allow safe distancing for all aspects of voting.  In fact, it’s larger than the room being used at The SouthShore Regional Library!  And we could probably restrict voting to CA members and residents only just like Kings Point. 

If you think everyone’s vote is important and their ability to exercise this constitutional right safely and conveniently is paramount, then I ask you to contact our SCC CA Board and let them know.  It’s imperative you do so because the primary isn’t far away.  We need to have a viable plan now and for voting in November.

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