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Supermarket Giant Kroger Strips Unvaccinated Employees Of Their Benefits

Harry Wilmerding 

Supermarket chain Kroger announced Tuesday it will eliminate paid emergency leave for unvaccinated employees who contract COVID-19 in addition to requiring some of them to pay a monthly $50 health insurance surcharge starting in 2022, according to a company memo.

The country’s largest supermarket chain, which employees roughly 465,000 workers, issued an internal company memo announcing the changes, which will start on Jan. 1, a company spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Kroger is tightening their COVID-19 related policies as U.S. businesses face uncertainty over President Joe Biden’s recent federal vaccination mandate.

Recent rules issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require all businesses with over 100 employees to require the COVID-19 vaccination or weekly testing, the WSJ reported.

“We have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic for almost two years, and, in line with our values, the safety of our associates and customers has remained our top priority,” a Kroger spokesperson told the DCNF. “To accomplish this, we created and amended several workplace policies at the onset of the pandemic to support our associates during immense uncertainty.”

“The administration of the vaccine to our associates has been an integral part of our efforts and continues to be a focus,” the spokesperson said.

The new rules will apply only to salaried, nonunion employees using the company’s health care plan, according to the memo, the WSJ reported. The Cincinnati-based grocery store has incentivized employers to get vaccinated with $100 payments.

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16 Replies to “Supermarket Giant Kroger Strips Unvaccinated Employees Of Their Benefits”

  1. INCLUDE: HARRIS TEETER because on July 9, 2013, Harris Teeter Supermarkets, announced that it was being acquired by The Kroger Company for $2.5 billion. Harris Teeter operates more than 250 stores and 60 fuel centers in seven states and the District of Columbia.

  2. I feel zero sympathy for people who refuse the thing that will finally get us to a point thst lets us move on from covid

  3. Why? If people who refuse to get the vaccine come down with the virus, which we know will affect them far worse than if they’d gotten the vax, why should the company have to pay the beefed up emergency leave payments they’d require?

  4. What’s that? A vaccine that is causing heaet damage and killing thousands? NATURAL IMMUNITY is what will defeat Covid. Look at Sweden, they never locked down. The states with the highest vax rates also have the most cases. FACTS DON’T LIE!!!

  5. Vaccinated people are getting the virus, some studies showing more often than non-vaccinated. Should we deny benefits to anyone who tests positive?

  6. I have shopped at Kroger for years. I even do most of my shopping through Vita Cost, which is owned by Kroger. I will do neither ever again. Kroger, you are corrupt to do this to people who are serving you faithfully. You are pushing an untried vaccine, the serious side effects of which are being covered up by corrupt politicians and corporations, especially Big Pharm. Shame on you, you are UnAmerican and a disgrace to this country.

  7. We are being lied to by politicians and leftist media on a moment by moment basis. They slam Ivermectin and other treatments that have been proven to work, because they are controlled by Pharmaceutical companies who make a whole lot more from jabs than they do from Ivermectin. They don’t care if their jab destroys lives. I have lived many years, but even during war time in my original country I have never seen such nazi-like behavior, and I never would have expected to see it in the USA. Corruption has taken over.

  8. Fun fact. Most people who haven’t received the mark of the beast, your vax, don’t run to the doctor anyway.

  9. Sure glad I moved to Florida and shop at Publix. So far they are not forcing employees to do anything other than smile and be extremely helpful and polite. Very hard to find these days and it makes grocery shopping pleasant.

  10. You do realize that the vaccinated are the super spreaders. There was just a story out of Cornell about how roughly 900. Cornell has a 97% vaccination rate. And by the way, mRNA is NOT A FREAKING VACCINE!! I?t is gene therapy.

    I bet most of the people pushing mRNA go ape if their foods are GMO.

  11. They need to sue that chain who wants to work for these bastards any way they all ways screw over the help seem like the bigger the company the more they screw over the workers.I spent a lot of years working in the corp world and most of them are bastards there are a few good companies but for the most part they are all the same.

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