Democratic California Rep. Nancy Pelosi

“Swamp Gonna Swamp” Pelosi Gets Gift From Congressional Democrats And Squishy Republicans

Michelle Obama is not the only one that will get federal property named after her in the Democrats’ massive new federal spending bill.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, TFP File Photo

Michelle Obama is not the only one that will get federal property named after her in the Democrats’ massive new federal spending bill.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got herself a building.

Buried in the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill, a federal building in downtown San Francisco will be named in honor of the outgoing House Democratic leader.

The provision to call the site the “Speaker Nancy Pelosi Federal Building” was referenced on page 610 of the 4,155-page bill.

In sifting through the bill, GOP Rep. Dan Bishop of North Carolina tweeted that Pelosi’s new namesake facility was one of the “most egregious provisions” in the funding bill. “Swamp gonna Swamp,” Bishop added.

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In a floor speech last week, Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah described the naming expenditure as one of the “lowlights” in the $1.7 trillion spending package.

According to the U.S. General Services Administration, the 15-year-old, 18-story facility is now known simply as the San Francisco Federal Building. 

Besides one of Pelosi’s district offices, the building also houses offices of the U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Agriculture, Social Security Administration, and Department of Transportation.

Under federal law, the head of the GSA has the authority to rename buildings.

Pelosi remains a historical figure as the first woman to become speaker of the House — even as she has been dogged recently by questions of insider trading in stock and mismanaging security in relation to the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol.

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But Western Journal columnist Richard Moorhead believes this is an affront to taxpayers and public service.

In a recent piece, Moorhead noted, “The concept of politicians voting to memorialize themselves offends the traditional American concept of public service. It’s reminiscent of an ancient king or emperor constructing a statue in his own honor.”

“Buildings named in memory of elected officials should be a matter reserved for those that follow them in the decades to come,” he added. “Yes, Pelosi isn’t getting a life-sized statue on the National Mall, but there’s something not quite right about the arch-Democrat voting to rename a federal building in her own honor.”

“The most glorious legacies in American history,” he concluded, “are reserved for those who deliver results for the people, not themselves.”

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