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Tampa, 40 Murders 578 Gun Crimes in 2020, Chief Calls for People to Care

TAMPA, Fla. – Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan took to the podium at a press conference today, to talk about the increases in gun violence in the City of Tampa.

“The latest shooting occurred on East Palifox. Six people were hit by gunfire, two of whom died at the scene,” said Dugan.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan and Tampa Resident Patricia Brown

“These gun battles are becoming way too common in our neighborhoods and communities and we’re doing everything we can to stop them, but we need help and cooperation. We need the people in our neighborhoods to tell us what’s going on. We need people in our neighborhoods to say they’ve had enough,” said Dugan.

“We’re losing this gun battle,” said Dugan.

Chief Dugan invited Patricia Brown to speak. Her son Davonte, 27, was killed in gun violence in Tampa.

In a very emotional address, Brown said, “It’s too many young people, two many people that are going through this pain. Don’t be afraid to speak up, don’t be afraid to not tell. That’s always gonna help. I go through this every day.”

Dugan went on to say that he’s worried that not enough people care about the increase in gun violence, and murders in the city. “It has to be more than just the police that are worried about these things,” said Dugan.

Year to date Tampa has seen the 40 murders, with only 25 the same time last year.

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