2104 East Crawford Street in Tampa

Tampa Soldier Allegedly Defrauded on Rent-to-Own Home from Lakeland Seller

September 3, 2020

by: Staff Report

LAKELAND, Fla. – According to a lawsuit, Anthony Hill was desperate to find a home for his young family when he discovered a rent-to-own option at 2104 East Crawford Street in Tampa, through Amirhouses.com LLC out of Lakeland, Florida. 

2104 East Crawford Street in Tampa
The Home At 2104 East Crawford Street Tampa

Hill recently filed a lawsuit against Amir Kahlil, and his business, Amirhouses.com LLC., claiming he lost $8,000.00, which was a down payment on the home.  In the lawsuit’s exhibits, numerous photos show the home was in critical need of repairs, some which include the eradication of black mold and termites throughout the house, a caving, damaged roof, faulty wiring including close proximity to trees, and filth and debris throughout the home.  A Redfin review of this property indicates renovations were last done in 1987.

According to the lawsuit, it was March 5, 2020, when Hill paid $8,000.00 to Kahlil through both CashApp and in cash.  To date, Hill claims he has not received a copy of the rent-to-own contract. Florida Statutes 559.9233.(1) and 725.01 require rental-purchase agreements and contracts for the sale of real property to be in writing.  It is not known if Hill ever visited the property prior to deciding to reside in it.

  • Count One in the lawsuit refers to Mr. Kahlil’s transaction with Mr. Hill as “Unjust Enrichment.”
  • Count Two declares “Fraud.” 
  • Count Three declares “Breach of Contract.”  Counsel requests an $8,000 down payment refund, with interest, coverage of attorney’s fees, and other costs.

Hill is a military member who was new to Tampa, according to the lawsuit, and was experiencing difficulties in finding a home due to credit issues.  A search for Anthony Hill did not indicate his location or contact information, in order to interview him for his current status and welfare.

We reached out to Mr. Kahlil and he stated, “These are all false accusations and the facts have been twisted. I’m represented by an attorney and the truth shall prevail at the end of the lawsuit.”

Counsel for Mr. Hill is Stephen K. Hachey, Esquire, Tampa, and would not comment on the case.

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