Tampa's Waste-to-Energy Facility Undergoes Major Upgrades

Tampa’s Waste-To-Energy Facility Receives $100 Million Upgrade For A Sustainable Future

Tampa's Waste-to-Energy
Facility Undergoes Major Upgrades
Tampa’s Waste-to-Energy Facility Undergoes Major Upgrades

TAMPA, Fla. – With infrastructure upgrades as a top priority, the City of Tampa proudly announces the successful completion of a $100 million retrofit of its McKay Bay Waste to Energy Facility. This landmark facility, established in 1985, serves as a cornerstone of Tampa’s commitment to sustainable waste management and energy production.

Converting over two million pounds of waste into electricity daily, the facility powers approximately 15,000 homes each month. Beyond energy generation, the plant demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by recovering metals from processed ash and utilizing a multi-step pollution control system for gases.

The significant investment of $100 million ensures the facility’s continued compliance with industry standards, extending its operational lifespan for future generations and significantly enhancing its waste-to-energy capabilities. The retrofit included modernizing facility buildings, technology, and machinery.

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Given that waste-to-energy facilities typically have a 20 to 30-year estimated operating life, this upgrade is essential to extending the life of the McKay Bay facility, supporting Tampa’s growth and sustainability goals for years to come.

“Investing in McKay Bay’s Waste to Energy Facility is a strategic commitment to the health, safety, and future prosperity of the City of Tampa,” said Mayor Jane Castor. “The facility’s daily conversion of household and commercial waste into renewable electrical energy underscores its crucial role in sustainable waste management, making this investment more critical than ever to ensure this operation reaches its full potential, especially as our city grows.” 

The City of Tampa assumed direct operation of the McKay Bay Waste to Energy Facility on June 1, 2020, becoming the second city in the nation to do so. This transition has led to the hiring of over 55 employees, bringing workforce opportunities and valuable expertise to the team.

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