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Texas Man Among Final Four Sentenced In Florida ATM Heists

Four remaining defendants in a series of bank ATM machine thefts have been sentenced. Each of the individuals previously pleaded guilty to bank burglary for their role in the thefts.
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Four remaining defendants in a series of Florida bank ATM machine thefts have been sentenced. Each of the individuals previously pleaded guilty to bank burglary for their role in the thefts.

The heists targeted five banks in Central Florida and resulted in $593,650 being stolen and over $100,000 in damages to the five ATM machines.

Details for the four defendants are as follows:

Deontrae Walden (23, Orlando)1/18/239/18/233 years, 6 months
Aqunis Green (24, Houston, TX)5/18/239/18/2318 months, consecutive to 46 months imposed on related case in Texas
Carlos Tawan Reed, Jr. (23, Orlando)11/28/223/6/234 years, 3 months
Wendell Harp (24, Orlando)12/16/224/11/232 years, 6 months

According to court records, Walden, Green, Reed, and Harp engaged in a spree of ATM burglaries at five Chase Bank locations in the Orlando area.

During each of the burglaries, the men used a stolen pickup truck and attach chains to rip the casing from the ATM machines and steal the cash boxes inside.

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In October 2022, Green came to Orlando and showed Walden how to commit the first two offenses. Together they stole $104,000 from a bank ATM on East Colonial Drive in Orlando on October 26, 2021, and $158,000 from a bank ATM on Conroy Road in Windermere on November 11, 2021.

Green is currently serving a 46-month federal sentence for similar conduct in the Eastern District of Texas. His 18-month sentence has been ordered to run consecutive to that previous sentence in Texas.

On November 14 and December 18, 2021, Walden burglarized two more bank ATMs. During the November 14 offense, Walden stole $108,140 from the bank on South Semoran Boulevard in Orlando. During the December 18 burglary, Walden netted $107,180 from the bank on SR 436 in Casselberry.

In the fifth heist on May 26, 2022, Walden recruited Reed and Harp to help him burglarize the ATM located on East Colonial Drive in Orlando. They stole $116,650 but were caught by law enforcement officers who were surveilling them.

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Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office had pursued them on the ground and from the air.

Reed failed to stop and led police on a high-speed chase, which ended when deputies deployed spike strips and disabled the car. Reed, Harp, and Walden bailed from the car and attempted to flee on foot but were quickly apprehended. The deputies recovered the stolen money from the fifth burglary from the vehicle.

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