Texas Border Wire Fence

Texas Refuses To Vacate Border Area, Puts Up More Wire In Defiance Of SCOTUS

Texas National Guard is busy putting up more razor wire and barriers at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass.
Texas National Guard is busy putting up more razor wire and barriers at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass. By Jennie Taer, DCNF.
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Texas authorities erected more razor wire Tuesday despite the Supreme Court ruling that the federal government can take it down.

In a 5-4 decision Monday, the high court agreed to vacate an injunction that temporarily blocked Border Patrol from cutting the wire Texas had placed along the border.

Videos circulating on social media showed state authorities setting up razor wire for the border in Eagle Pass, Texas, a day after the decision.

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“The State of Texas, under Gov. @GregAbbott_TX’s Operation Lone Star, will maintain its current posture in deterring illegal border crossings by utilizing effective border security measures – reinforced concertina wire & anti-climb barriers along the Rio Grande,” Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Lt. Chris Olivarez said in a statement on Twitter Monday.

“The logical concern should be why the Federal Government continues to hinder Texas’ ability to protect its border, all while allowing for the exploitation, dangerous, & inhumane methods of permitting illegal immigrants, including children, to illegally cross a dangerous river where many have lost their lives. Texas is the only state using every strategy & resource to protect its sovereignty, combat criminal activity, & discourage illegal immigration. #Texas will continue to hold the line,” Olivarez said.

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Under the Biden administration, Border Patrol agents have recorded record illegal immigration. There were more than 2.2 million illegal migrant encounters in fiscal year 2022 at the southern border and more than 2 million in fiscal year 2023, according to federal data.

December also marked the highest month on record with more than 300,000 encounters, according to Fox News.

Texas authorities seized control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass Jan. 11, citing Gov. Greg Abbott’s emergency declaration.

Following the seizure, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) alleged that Texas prevented Border Patrol agents from responding to the drowning of a migrant mother and two of her children in the Rio Grande River on Jan. 13.

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Biden’s own Department of Justice (DOJ) admitted in a Jan. 15 court filing that federal authorities informed Texas of the drownings after they had already occurred.

Neither the White House nor the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) immediately responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s requests for comment.

The Texas Military Department (TMD) said Tuesday that it “continues to hold the line in Shelby Park to deter and prevent unlawful entry into the State of Texas,” adding, “We remain resolute in our actions to secure our border, preserve the rule of law, and protect the sovereignty of our State.”

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