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For many years, Keurig machines have become a dominant factor in brewing coffee at home. Fabula has designed its cups to hold up to 25% more coffee.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2022 / — For many years, Keurig machines and similar brewers have become a dominant factor in brewing coffee at home. No wonder: It’s quick, easy and convenient. A small, little plastic cup, that you dump into a machine, and you’re done. Sip coffee and discard the plastic cup.

It became an enormous success, but to such an extent that the little plastic cups became an issue. Today, in excess of 10 billion (that’s a billion with a “B”…) plastic K-cup make it on the market every year and eventually end up in trash cans. Even the founder has since expressed regret for the contribution to the “plastic disaster”, as the numbers today are staggering.

The road to a compostable cup and guilt free coffee

A small Miami-based company wanted to do it differently. Surely, recyclable solutions were coming out, but, thought the founders, are cups really always recycled properly? And why not go the full step and create a fully compostable cup?
The search for a solution was set in motion. Fabula Founder Lars Spaten explains: “It was a long road, with experiments on designs, materials, testing, back and forth on the drawing board many times. It was frustrating at times. But so many people backed us up, so it felt important. It may only be a tiny cup, but it really adds up”.

In the end, they found a design that worked, basically paper – so the coffee would brew like a regular drip coffee – with a bio-resin ring. All are fully compostable. In fact, it will decompose faster than e.g. avocado peels.

Creating the perfect cup

Then came the next problem. The Fabula team elaborates: “We love coffee, but it has to be fresh. Granted, most coffee in the supermarkets is not fresh, but once again, we wanted to make it better. And with the paper cup design, the coffee would go stale real quick. So while it solved the environmental issue, the coffee was just like anything else”.
Back to the drawing board. The company found a way to pack the compostable pods in individual, airtight pouches, also made from compostable materials. This way the coffee would stay fresh in its pouch, as if just off the roaster. Lars continues, as you can sense his passion for coffee: “the sensation of opening the pouch is incredible: the delicious aroma and intricacies of the coffee hits your senses, which is the way a coffee experience should be. Fabula means story, and this way you can almost smell and taste the smallholder farm where the coffee is from”.

Fabula has designed its cups to hold up to 25% more coffee than regular pods. And the cherry on the cake: The coffee is delicious. It’s 100% organic, tested clean for chemicals and mold, and supports smallholder farms and villages in remote regions of the world.

This is a clearly company on a mission. As they say: “A better coffee for a better you, for a better world”.

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