The Local Fresh Grill of Pasco, Supporting Law Enforcement Officers

June 20, 2020

By: Staff Report

PORT RICHEY – One Pasco County restaurant offers a guaranteed respectful environment for law enforcement officers to enjoy a meal.

Photo From Facebook Post The Fresh Grill of Pasco

“To all police officers, Sheriff deputies, marshall, or any law enforcement officer, The Local Fresh Grill will always be a safe haven for you, a place where you can come and enjoy your lunch knowing that I have your back,” the restaurant announced on Facebook.

The owners have taken it a step further and created a national “Safe Harbor” for law enforcement, and created window decals for businesses that support law enforcement.

The LOCAL FRESH GRILL of Pasco “I am going to try to make it a national thing. Every business that supports and stands behind it’s LEO can proudly display one in their window. We’ll show the world what real solidarity means,” said The Local Fresh Grill of Pasco.

Photo From Facebook Post The Fresh Grill of Pasco

While some businesses, nationally, have spoken out against law enforcement, in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, The Local Fresh Grill is taking a different view.

On Friday, the owners of The Local Fresh Grill of Pasco announced a new website to take donations from the public to pay for meals for law enforcement officers.

“So many of you are asking how they can buy dinner for our LEO’s. Well here is your answer. Go to our new website that is designed just for this initiative. With your help, we’ll bring respect back home where it belongs. This site designed and developed and in use only for proud patriots and supporters of our LEO’s right to be safe, respected, and honored.

“The outpouring of tremendous hearts and souls is overwhelming. We have received calls from Washington State and DC to North Carolina and Texas, to Virginia to Ohio. And, drum roll please, they have sent in almost $1000 to buy our boys and girls in blue dinner. So, keep an eye posted. Sometime next week we will have a day of feeding our heroes paid for by real Americans with respect,” said in the post.

The Local Fresh Grill of Pasco is located at 5729 Richey Dr. Port Richey, Florida or visit their website at


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