The Need For Light Weight Insulated Factory Built Steel Jail and Prison Cells is Now Trending Dramatically Higher

Mental Health and Juvenile Units

Dorm Room

Factory built light weight cells is seen as by many the construction solution for rural cities where local trades are not available.

Cities across our globe will need large quantities of fast track, light weight, factory built, insulated, cells to quickly give the required normalized bed space .”

— Mickey Rosenberg

BOYNTON BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2021 / — Crime is rising again which is resulting in a dramatic need for fast track, light weight, factory built, insulated, cells. These units will need to be customized to meet not only the extensive rigorous industry testings and standards, but also meet societies call for a humane and normalized living environment that will assist in the rehabilitation of the changing incarcerated population. The decision to concentrate on true rehabilitation is a natural out growth in the need to address all of the criminal activity that created the need for millions of jail and prison beds throughout the 90's.

The classification of crimes and inmates will now be the centerpiece of who serves time , where they serve time and how they serve time.
While this process progresses and matures, the first step is to have adequate facilities that assures the public that they will be safe and at the same time sends the hardened criminal a clear message that they don't have an automatic "Get out of jail card". While 80 % of all incarcerated individuals was historically for drug related crimes, it is a herculean task to change and decide who can safely be released and defined as a harmless user of drugs and not capable of committing violent crimes. The social issue goes much deeper when you recognize that substance use and abuse has no fine margins. The lawful person who stops in a local pub for a few beers on their way home from work, may have one too many and gets into a fight some one who dies. Yes, this person was not drug king pin or a murdering mob boss, but the use of a substance that gives you a buzz or a high can often put you in harms way. Intoxication and substance abuse , whether alcohol, pot, cocaine or heroin can always be a contributing factor to violent acts. Rehabilitation programs and mental health services are definitely the intelligent part of the present and future social change in the criminal justice system. Having said that, the need for adequate humane jail and prison bed is a prerequisite for changing the incarceration paradigm.

Cities across our globe will be purchasing , fast track, light weight, factory built, insulated, cells to quickly give the required normalized bed space . Modular Steel Cells is the jail and prison construction solution for densely populated cities where construction safety and noise Issues are critical to surrounding communities. Local subs participate in the utility hook-ups. Heavily coated modular steel cells don't have the odors found in conventionally built jails and prisons. This is extremely important in the goal of creating a normalized living area and an environment that give rehabilitation programs a starting point.

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