The Only Mattress Disposal Guide You Need Today

Yes, mattresses are recyclable. The truth is, an old mattress can be reused easily. Moreover, if you want it removed, you can contact Venice Junk Removal services

Mattresses are one of the most cumbersome items to dispose of. According to Mattress Recycling Council, over 10,000 mattresses are dumped daily in the U.S. ( about 15 to 20 million per year). In alleys, hidden away in dumpsters, old mattresses are usually placed in landfills where they can take 80-120 years to decompose.

In this article, we dive deep into ways of disposing of a mattress effectively. Take a look. 

What You Need to Know About Mattress Recycling

There are various methods to ensure that your mattress doesn’t end up in a landfill. The first step is to research and buy an ecologically sustainable mattress and get rid of the old one. 

Most types of mattresses such as innerspring, foam, pillowtop, and hybrid are recyclable. Others, like waterbeds or memory foam mattresses, are generally not accepted by recycling centers, as the memory foam made of polyurethane is challenging to recycle. 

The Process for Getting Mattresses Recycled

These are the most well-known alternatives for recycling your mattress:

Retailer Recycling

If you’re buying a replacement mattress from a large mattress retailer, they usually offer a recycling program. All you need to do is inquire. If you have purchased your new mattress from the same retailer, they will remove and recycle your old mattress at no extra cost.

Junk Removers and Haulers

If a retail store is not an option and you want to get rid of an old mattress, you can consider connecting with Venice Junk Removal services. From furniture to entire property cleanouts, expert junk removal specialists can make mattress disposal easy for you. 

Local Sanitation Pickup

Many communities provide recycling services for large waste once or twice a year or on an appointment. It’s best to contact a local company to inquire whether they will take your mattress and recycle it before dumping it.

State Programs

Certain states, including California, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, have enacted statutes and guidelines for retailers and residents that outline how they can properly dispose of their old mattresses. California has collected and recycled approximately 7 million mattresses as part of the “Bye bye Mattress” program. 

Recycling Inflatable Mattresses

To recycle inflatable mattresses, you’ll need a recycler that reuses PVC plastic. Find a local recycling and disposal business to give your mattress a brand new life as an upholstery cover. As a DIY project, you can turn inflatable plastic pieces of mattresses into liners or covers for grills, as well as a variety of other ways.

Recycling Box Springs

Box springs have the same components as mattresses, other than mattress foam. They can be recycled with the same methods used for recycling mattresses.

If you’re really determined, then you can even disassemble your box spring from home. Just cut and take off the fabric with the lower side facing upwards. Then by using a hammer or crowbar, cut the wood from the metal frame. The metal can be recycled alongside another recyclable metal. You can use the wooden structure in various other home projects.

Ideas to Reuse or Upcycle Your Mattress

Why toss a mattress away when you can cut it up and use its valuable materials to create something useful? Here is how to upcycle or reuse your old mattress:

  • Make use of the foam as filler for your homemade throw pillows, a dog bed, or a lounge cushion.
  • The wood from the box spring can be cut and used for DIY projects or as firewood.
  • Springs can be made into antique candle holders, snack trays, or used to display your family photos.

Final Word

With the right approach, recycling your old mattress shouldn’t be overwhelming. We are hopeful the above tips were helpful.

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