The Rising Concern with Pixie Ear Deformity and Solutions

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The tightening of lower face, visible scars, a distorted hairline, and “pixie ear” deformity can be improved with correct positioning of the ears. The key is relying on the strength of the skull.”

— Dr. Daniel Man

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2021 / — The holiday season is upon us and everyone wants to feel their best with a fresh facelift, without ending up looking like The Grinch or Tinkerbell. What many cosmetic surgeons don't realize is that when they operate on an older population doing facelifts, they actually cause an earlobe deformity called 'pixie ear' or the stretched out, elongated look of the ear that's lowered from its natural position.

Dr. Daniel Man, located in Boca Raton performed 106 facelifts using fat injections to improve the end result in 70% of cases, and the advantages of his technique include shorter incisions, a diminished need to remove redundant skin, ear elevation, and a smoother repair with improved contour.

Man wrote a study on the issue and says, "The telltale signs associated with facelift procedures, including tightening of the lower face, visible scars, a distorted hairline, and the 'pixie ear' deformity are grounds for concern among both patients and aesthetic surgeons. Facelift results can be improved with correct positioning of the ears, so signs are reduced or eliminated altogether. The key is relying on the strength of the skull, a bone, as a permanent stitch, which is the true solution."

Why is it so difficult to fix 'pixie ear' once the facelift is done? Attempts to tighten the SMAS (facial muscular system) to the surrounding area with vertically- or horizontally-oriented vectors causes further distortion of the ear. This deformity can be seen before placement of the last suture in the classical facelift technique, while the patient is still on the operating table and gravity worsens the deformity, which means that the ear worsens post-op, after patients get the procedure done.

In Man's method, the flaps are elevated, midface volume is augmented with fat and the bottom of the ear is elevated relative to its pre-op position. A face with more volume and ears positioned higher requires less skin removal, allowing the use of shorter incisions hidden mostly inside the ear, with no distortion of the hair lines and most importantly, possibly less scars, for a smoother repair, improved contour, and a more natural look.

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