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“Trickle Down Respect” Lost In America

Respect, a word that Aretha Franklin used to write her 1967 hit. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. What does that word mean to us as Americans these days?

Not much.

It’s something that we have lost, and it’s a trickle-down effect of sorts. The American family has changed. Yes, some of us have allowed our children to complete entitlement and then point the finger at each other, or sometimes just not give a shit at all. We watch in amazement how young people are burning down cities and destroying businesses around the country. Are you really shocked? You shouldn’t be.

When we, as parents, our schools, our communities, pound into children’s heads that losing isn’t an option because everyone wins, even if you’ve lost. What the hell do you expect? ZERO respect.

It’s the “all about me’ syndrome”, as I like to call it. Me me me. Ignorance and tolerance for doing the wrong thing or not doing enough. Expecting to get what I want, when I want, and have to do nothing other than want it. No work, no commitment, no energy. In the words of Henry Hill, “F**K You, Pay me.”

When these young people see us, as adults, that can’t even hold a civil debate or conversation and respect each other during? What do you expect?

How can our kids grow up to respect anything when Mom, Dad, or both, are taking selfies and posting them on social channels in a narcissistic fashion to get ‘likes’ or compliments from a network of people they don’t even know. News flash, no one really gives a shit but you, as you ‘heart’ all of the comments on a heavily filtered picture you posted.

How many friendships, or even family relationships, have been torn apart because of politics, and a complete lack of respect for each other’s opinions? What do you expect?

The willingness to ‘agree to disagree’ is gone. The willingness to respect each other, from various backgrounds and places, is gone.

Self-respect is gone.

Reflect for a moment on the President of the United States. Yes, Trump is loud, and his tweets can be somewhat annoying at times. But has that man received any respect from the media as the President? Hell no. It’s regrettable to see the lack of respect afforded to the highest seat in our country’s politics. Some mainstream ‘media’ networks mostly consist of political opinions, and not news, don’t like the President. So they give no respect for his position or achievements. Biden will suffer the same lack of respect from ‘right-wing’ news and love from the ‘left-wing’ because he’s part of the establishment that most mainstream networks love so much, which looks to be back in full force.

Like anything, values and respect are learned and trickle down from the top. Whether it’s political, a family unit, schools, or communities, until we as a society, as Americans, decide we want values and respect again, we won’t have it.

Until then, snap a picture and post it. Every time your kid cries, get them what they want, not what they need. When they lose, coddle them and tell them they really won instead of saying they need to work harder.

Or the next time you go out to eat, instead of looking through your endless stream of nonsense on your “not so social network”, maybe ask your child some questions, show interests in their lives, and you may be surprised at the answers you receive and the reaction you get.

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