Former President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Trump Says Toss “Badly Tainted” Georgia Case Against Him After DA Fani Willis’ Testimony

Former President Donald Trump (File Photo)
Former President Donald Trump (File Photo)

Former President Donald Trump called the racketeering case against him “badly tainted” and a “scam” after Fulton County District Attorney Fani WIllis’ bellicose testimony on Thursday.

“There is no case here,” Trump told Fox News in an exclusive interview as Willis testified. “It is so badly tainted. There is no case here.”

“There was a perfect phone call. It was perfect. But by going after Trump, she’s able to get her boyfriend more money than they ever dreamed possible,” he added.

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“The case will have to be dropped,” Trump continued. “There’s no way they can have a case. The whole thing was a scam to get money for the boyfriend.”

Trump was reacting to Willis’ appearance on the witness stand at a hearing sought by his co-defendants.

They claim she should be disqualified from prosecuting Trump and 18 other defendants for trying to overthrow the 2020 election results because of a conflict of interest involving her romantic relationship with Nathan Wade, a special prosecutor hired by Willis.

Judge Scott McAfee seeks to get to the bottom of the relationship between Willis and Wade and how that may have affected her legal pursuit of Trump.

The judge has said he’s open to removing Willis if there is even the appearance of corruption in her office.

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Trump’s co-defendant, Michael Roman, has argued for her dismissal, claiming she personally profited from Trump’s case.

She hired Wade and paid him more than $650,000 for working on the case. He, in turn, used the money to pay for their extravagant vacations and gifts for her.

A witness called by Roman’s team destroyed Willis’ defense by offering evidence that the relationship began years before Willis claimed it did.

Trump called Willis “disgraced” and said the case against him must be dropped following the revelations.

“This all comes out of the White House. Don’t forget Wade, the lover, he spent hours at the White House,” Trump told Fox News. “This is all a weaponization of politics.”

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“It’s all about trying to stop somebody who is killing them in the polls, and it is a sad thing to watch for our country,” he added. “And you’re seeing it now because they got caught. The two lovers got caught.”

“This is a total breakdown of law and order and a total breakdown of justice — it is weaponization at a level that nobody’s seen before. Nobody’s seen anything like this,” said Trump.   

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