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U.S. President Biden, A Government of One

Joe Biden became president when he was 78, finally fulfilling a dream he’d had since his college days, according to what one longtime friend told the Dallas Morning News during the Democrat’s first presidential bid way back in 1987.

But Biden’s fellow Democrats in Congress are allowing him to be much more – the same thing, in fact, that they accused Donald Trump of being for four years.

A dictator.

No, he’s not donned military fatigues with gaudy epaulets and chest medals that look like a tossed salad, the garb of banana republic strongmen.

But there’s little doubt that Biden is running the U.S. government by himself.

The stats tell the tale.

Breitbart News reported on Wednesday that Biden has signed 63 executive orders during his first 36 days in office.

But the number doesn’t quite tell the full story. For instance, in one order this week he undid seven executive actions that Trump had implemented over time.

And Biden’s orders aren’t window-dressing. They are committing the U.S. to substantial policy changes on the environment, LGBT rights, immigration, and the economy.

Things that arguably ought to be debated and adopted by Congress.

At the same time, the performance by both Democratic-led houses of Congress is abysmal.

By Feb. 28, according to, Trump had enacted eight bills, en route to signing 443 new laws during his first two years.

By Feb. 28, 2009, Barack Obama had signed five bills on his way to enacting 385 during his first two years.

Biden has signed one bill in five weeks and that was done so he could waive federal regulations that would’ve prohibited him from naming retired Gen. Lloyd Austin as defense secretary.

And Biden, like his predecessors, sits in the Oval Office with his party in full control of Congress.

Yet Democrats seem so intent in still pursuing Trump that Biden’s agenda has been left at the starting gate.

In his inaugural address, Biden mentioned a form of the word ”unity” 11 times. He promised to be a “president for all Americans,” to defend the Constitution, and to “give my all in your service thinking not of power, but of possibilities.”

So far, he seems happy going it alone.

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3 Replies to “U.S. President Biden, A Government of One”

  1. We have become a full dictatorship . We have the military on guard in Washington D.C. And we have a president who doesn’t let the people decide on anything . He just writes executive orders. We have free speech and freedom of religion being suppressed. Not they want to get rid of the 2nd amendment.

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