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U.S. Rep. Gaetz: Dem Feminists Have No Problem Attacking GOP Women

The same Democrats who champion feminism in all its glory have no issues with becoming raving sexists when conservative women assert themselves – as Rep. Matt Gaetz pointed out during a recent podcast.

Appearing with former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon and Rep. Lauren Boebert, the Florida Republican said GOP women are hounded for exhibiting an independent streak.

He pointed to Boebert as an example, noting the Colorado GOP freshman was not shy about asserting her Second Amendment rights when she entered Congress.

“That was all you,” Gaetz said to Boebert in noting that Democrats installed metal detectors at the entrance to the House floor in response to Borbert’s adamant demand to carry her Glock to work.  

“They were so threatened by this Republicans woman, and the Republican women in Congress get it way worse than the men because of the identity politics,” Gaetz said.

The Democrats, he continued, “assume that if you’re a mom in regular America, you ought to be with them. So when they see someone (like Boebert) who is a firebrand, who is a spark plug, who is a jolt of energy that we need in the Republican caucus, they come after her specifically.”

Gaetz added that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats “literally built the infrastructure” of metal detectors because of “this woman and her views.”

Pelosi has condemned Boebert and other GOP women, such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, for being the “enemies within” Congress.

Boebert was on the program because of a recent video she made condemning “Fort Pelosi,” referring to the 7-foot-high fence adorned with razor wire that Democrats installed around the Capitol.

“Democrats don’t want to protect you because they don’t care about you,” Boebert says in the video.  

When Bannon asked why she did the video, Boebert replied, “Walls work, armed security is the best, and Democrats just have their hypocrisy on full display.”

“I’m tired of these hypocrites destroying our country,” she said. 

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  1. Democrat women gave us Prohibition and the Americans with Disabilities Act. They are utter morons that like to meddle in everyone’s lives and run up huge debt with their loopy ideas . The original Karen’s

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