Critical Race Theory

University Of Alabama Student Leads The Charge Against Critical Race Theory On Campuses

As paternalistic white liberals arrogantly suggest they are the ones who must fix America’s alleged racism problem, one conservative college student is saying no thanks.

C.J. Pearson, of the University of Alabama, recently announced he would single-handedly spearhead a nationwide effort to rid the nation’s schools of Critical Race Theory.

The kicker: Pearson is black.

Pearson, who is president of the Free Thinker Project, recently told the conservative website Campus Reform that he will be “advocating for the prohibition of critical race theory within public classrooms.”

“Critical Race Theory isn’t education,” he added, “it’s taxpayer funded indoctrination intended to cause our students to hate America.”

In a recent op-ed for, Pearson wrote that Critical Race Theory, or CRT, “perpetuates the left-wing falsehood that America is a racist nation, poisoned and made irredeemable by a history of white supremacy, institutional racism and supposed white privilege. And it places the blame for this alleged reality squarely at the feet of white people.”

“It is taxpayer funded anti-white racism — guised under the moniker of ‘anti-racism’ — being taught to college students all throughout the country, and it’s time for it to stop,” he added.

“In college lecture halls throughout the country,” Pearson noted, “this radical left-wing propaganda is allowed to go unchecked, unchallenged and almost entirely unquestioned.”

And professors, who once stood for the right of all to believe as they wish, now openly teach students to hate their country, said Pearson.

“As a college student myself, I’m not shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for an indoctrination. I’m interested in an education. And as a black college student, I’m certainly not paying to sit in a classroom and be told that I’m a helpless victim — that regardless of how hard I try, or how hard I work, it’ll never be enough because racism will always win,” Pearson argued.

“I reject that notion. I wasn’t raised to be a victim; I was raised to be a victor. And I refuse to believe in 2021, that the very nation that elected Barack Hussein Obama president of the United States and Kamala Harris vice president of the United States is a racist nation.”

At least eight states – Florida, North Carolina, Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Arkansas – have banned the teaching of CRT in some fashion. “It it is my belief that one ounce of prevention is worth even more than a pound of cure,” Pearson concluded. “Because let’s level with one another: while it’s college campuses today, what will stop it from being K-12 tomorrow if we don’t act now?”

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8 Replies to “University Of Alabama Student Leads The Charge Against Critical Race Theory On Campuses”

  1. Weak! Remember when Ann Coulter and her ilk were disinvited from college campuses because their mere presence was enough to cause people to go nuts? And the right called the campus protesters “snowflakes”? Welcome to Snowflakeland, CJ Pearson.

    First, learn what critical race theory actually entails. CRT has been taught at universities for years now, but people on the right have it totally misconstrued, and I believe that’s a deliberate deception designed to do exactly what they accuse those on the left of doing: sow mistrust at best, hatred at worst. Too bad a kid as supposedly intelligent as CJ Pearson has fallen for the lie hook, line and sinker.

    Second, CJ’s argument that he doesn’t “pay to learn CRT” falls flat. You pay for the classes you choose to take; if you don’t want anything to do with critical race theory, stay away from the professors who teach it. You have a choice, and so does every college and university student in the U.S. Or so I thought.

    CJ Pearson is as prideful and ill-informed now as he was when he was 13 spouting off at the mouth about President Obama.

  2. Stop amplifying and starting exemplifying the future of what this Country was built on, the idea that all people are created equal, whether European, Native American, or African American, and that these people have fundamental rights, such as liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, due process of law, and freedom of assembly.
    God Bless you CJ and keep fighting the good fight!


  4. You are so mis-informed on your argument. I guarantee you can’t go one on one with this young man, without your points of views sounding as stupid as you sound now.

  5. I’m getting an AS at St Pete College and I can tell you that in two of my required classes, democratic theories have been brought up. There is a bias and a bent towards socialism and towards sustainability. Sustainability in its own right is great, but when it is paired with an agenda to depopulate earth it doesn’t work so well. That is its ultimate purpose- check out agenda 21 of the UN.

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