No wonder Tucker Carlson calls college “stupid” and says people should drop out, get a job and get married.

University Of Kansas Offers Course To Study “Angry White Males”

No wonder Tucker Carlson calls college “stupid” and says people should drop out, get a job and get married.

On many U.S. college campuses, prospective students can find black studies, women’s studies, even queer studies. And suffice to say, they would get a healthy dose of positive affirmation for each group and its role in our history and culture.

No wonder Tucker Carlson calls college “stupid” and says people should drop out, get a job, and get married.

But Carlson’s demographic profile and low opinion of the general uselessness of many college courses makes him the ideal example for a new program at the University of Kansas, of all places.

According to the conservative website Campus Reform, Kansas this fall will launch “Angry White Male Studies.”

The class description posted on KU’s website by professor Christopher Forth notes that “the angry white male” is “a prominent figure in our cultural imagination and, as such, a phenomenon worthy of study.”

“Let’s face it, we’re all angry these days, or supposed to be, and encouraged on a daily basis to become angrier still. It’s sometimes said that white men are the angriest of all, that they feel aggrieved and unable to adjust to changing realities of gender and race for fear of losing their privilege,” Forth wrote.

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Forth proposes to explain this “by exploring the historical background to white male anger in modern America and how it is manifested in the wider world today.”

He added that his class will seek to answer many questions about the AWM: “Where does he come from? What’s he angry about? Is his anger misplaced? Is he blaming the right people? How long has this been going on? Is he a global phenomenon? And how do we move forward?”

Move forward from what, Forth does not say.

But in his class, students will answer those questions and more by probing the AWM with “tools” borrowed from history, sociology, philosophy, social psychology, and gender studies.

And by delving into this phenomenon, Forth promises students will develop skills such as “critical thinking, careful reading, informed reflection, and methodological empathy,” as well as “the ability to entertain different points of view and discuss them in a civil manner.”

Don’t snicker. This is his job.

“Heck,” Forth added, “you might even learn a bit of empathy.”

“This course does not shrink from ambiguity and paradox. It resists the polarizing tendencies of so much that passes for ‘debate’ these days and offers no easy answers. Can’t deal with that? Then this course isn’t for you.”

Forth apparently will bring his own insight into this, since he is, in fact, white himself.

This is apparently not the first time he has taught this class. He offered it in 2019, and drew criticism from U.S. Rep. Ron Estes of Wichita.

“Instead of a course to unite people and empower women, KU has decided to offer a class that divides the student population and could pose a Title IX violation by creating a hostile campus environment based on gender,” Estes tweeted.

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