USA’s Extraordinary Female Ad and Film Entrepreneur Tian Liu Gets Candid

Tian Liu, Founder of Tigertail Pictures

Tian Liu often considered to be the most influential entrepreneur, her company Tigertail Pictures has ventured into creating NFTs in addition to ads & movies.

TAMPA, FL, USA, April 26, 2022 / — Tian Liu, the Chinese filmmaker often considered to be the most influential female entrepreneur in USA, is evolving with times, and her production house, Tigertail Pictures, has ventured into creating NFTs, in addition to ads and movies, for her clients. Tian is also the perfect connection to the Chinese market if anyone in the US wants to scale up their business.

Florida-based Tigertail Pictures is into full-service ad making and minting NFTs, and has earned fame for being reliable, cheap, and really fast. The videos are truly high-end, and on top of that, clients get an introduction to the Chinese market as well. US clients wishing to create their presence in the US or scale up their current US business are welcome here.

Tian’s close networking with the celebrity circles is a feather the cap when it comes to delivering on her promises. Over the last two years, she has worked with celebrities such as Maggie Q, Gal Gadot, Maye Musk, Coldplay, Victor Ma, and more.

I thrive on filming the extraordinary. I am also conscious of the cultural responsibility a photographer carriesTalking about her creative focus, Tian Liu says, “I thrive on filming the extraordinary. I am also conscious of the cultural responsibility a photographer carries.”

Her qualifications and acumen can be inferred from her Curriculum Vitae as well. Tian went to Harvard Business School (Executive Education) for her graduation, and attended the New York Film Academy to emerge as an outstanding director of photography. She then embarked on a career as a photojournalist on contract with the China News Agency. Subsequently, her work established Liu as a cutting-edge advertising director and director of photography. She has also worked as a composer for CCTV, China Net and Young Press Corps, vising countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and in Africa.

Of late, Tian has risen up in the ranks as an influential female entrepreneur. In 2019, she was invited to give a public lecture at USC University of Southern California. Meitu Media has rated her as one among 30 most influential and outstanding women. At film festivals, her work has won her over 50 best cinematography awards. Twice her film and TV works were shortlisted for the Cannes Film Festival. No wonder her fame includes working with Oscar winner Kim Basinger, Lynne Littman, and three-time Oscar nominee for best cinematography, Dean Candy.
Tigertail Pictures too has an impressive list of clients, including Li Meiqi, Maye Musk, Gal Gadot, Zhang Junning, He Sui, Ma Boqian, and more. The creative works have appeared in publications such as the covers of "VOGUE", "GQ", "Forbes" and other international magazines. Other media houses such as “Fox" and "Business insider" have been associated with Tigertail for interviews, and Amazon Prime and MTV have been clients. The production house has offices in Los Angeles, Florida, New York, and related businesses in Beijing in China, and France.

In the future, Tigertail Pictures aims to create opportunities for Chinese filmmakers to present their voice in the international film markets, and nurture a growing cultural atmosphere for overseas Chinese.
Tian has worn many hats and has shown a wide grasp of reality. With art, she is captivated by the power of images. Tigertail is also a woman-owned studio. She has taught math to orphans in Kenya. For Tian, art is also a personal pursuit. She believes that there is no absolute right or wrong direction, and thus art can take any turn.

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