chris nocco

‘Utilizing His Second Amendment Rights’ Land O’ Lakes Home Invasion

August 8, 2020

By: Staff Report

LAND O LAKES, Fla. РA domestic home invasion turned deadly this afternoon in the Sunset Lakes subdivision in Land O’Lakes.

Ronald Fleet, 55, armed with a .380 caliber firearm started kicking the door of the victim’s home and making his way inside, while the victim fired on Fleet, killing him.

chris nocco
Sheriff Chris Nocco

According to Sheriff Chris Nocco, Fleet was the estranged husband to a member of the victim’s family, with a possible motive being the rage in support of Fleets’ estranged wife.

Sheriff Chris Nocco, during a video update, said, “Any loss of life is tragic but the victim was utilizing his second amendment rights to protect himself and his family.”

“I can tell you it was because of his rights, his ability to defend himself and his family, that his family’s okay and safe. Because I do not want to think what would have happened if they were without arms and Ronald got in the house with that gun, and what he would have done to that family.”

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