DPS Arrests Two Human Smugglers During Webb County Traffic Stop

Watch: Texas DPS Find 15 Illegal Immigrants From Mexico Stuffed In Toolboxes And Rear Truck Cab

DPS Arrests Two Human Smugglers During Webb County Traffic Stop
DPS Arrests Two Human Smugglers During Webb County Traffic Stop

The crisis unfolding at the U.S. southern border has become a complex and multifaceted challenge, with human smuggling operations posing a significant threat to national security and the safety of vulnerable individuals.

At the heart of this story are Daniel Pena of Zapata, Texas, and Mario Gutierrez Zambrano, an alleged Mexican national illegally present in the United States, who was recently apprehended by Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers during a traffic stop.

Last Tuesday, Texas, DPS troopers encountered a scene unfolding on Interstate 35 (I-35), a major thoroughfare running north-south from Laredo’s border town to San Antonio.

Troopers had stopped two vehicles suspected of involvement in human smuggling, and Daniel Pena attempted to flee the scene, running across the highway in a desperate bid to evade arrest.

Pena and Gutierrez Zambrano were the two smugglers apprehended during this incident.

Troopers’ subsequent search of the vehicles revealed a disturbing discovery – 15 Mexican nationals hidden in the rear cab and toolboxes of the pickup trucks, evidence of a well-orchestrated human smuggling operation.

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The case of Mario Gutierrez Zambrano is not an isolated incident, but rather a reflection of a broader trend unfolding along the Texas-Mexico border. Smugglers have been increasingly utilizing major highways like I-35 and Highway 59 to transport undocumented individuals from the border towns of Laredo and Roma to destinations further north, such as the metropolitan area of Houston.

Texas authorities have implemented a comprehensive border security initiative known as Operation Lone Star (OLS), led by Goliad Sheriff Roy Boyd to combat this growing threat.

This task force has been instrumental in intercepting and apprehending numerous human smuggling operations, often foiling attempts several hours north of the border.

In addition to the highway-based smuggling operations, authorities have also uncovered a disturbing network of stash houses, where undocumented individuals are held captive before being transported to their final destinations.

In a separate incident in Webb County, DPS special agents and troopers discovered 29 illegal foreign nationals, including 21 men and 8 women from Honduras and Mexico, being held in a stash house.

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