The Delaware governor’s office and local community groups are mobilizing for the possibility of migrants arriving in Georgetown unannounced Tuesday, as a plane is scheduled to leave Texas and land at the Delaware Coastal Airport later today.

White House, Media Gets “Punked” By Reports Of “DeSantis Air”

The Delaware governor’s office and local community groups are mobilizing for the possibility of migrants arriving in Georgetown unannounced Tuesday, as a plane is scheduled to leave Texas and land at the Delaware Coastal Airport later today.

Liberals now seem jumpier than the pretty slasher-movie starlet left alone in a remote cabin.

On Tuesday, the Biden White House, the Democratic governor of Delaware, and the media had braced themselves for the next illegal immigrant “relocation” project from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

As The Free Press reported on Tuesday, the media and government officials gathered Tuesday at a small airport in Georgetown, Delaware, near President Joe Biden’s home, and were waiting in anticipation of a planeload of migrants to be flown from San Antonio as part of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ program to send a message about illegal immigration.

Alas, by late afternoon, no plane had touched down in Georgetown.

Actually, it landed on the runway in Teterboro, New Jersey, near New York City, where Biden was visiting to participate in a yearly U.N. General Assembly meeting.

No migrants were aboard the plane.

NBC News cited a source reportedly close to DeSantis who said the Republican incumbent “punked” liberals, who were still seething from last week’s maneuver.

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Last Wednesday, DeSantis confirmed that he had dispatched two planeloads of illegal immigrants to the exclusive, wealthy island Massachusetts retreat of Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard is overwhelmingly Democratic, but also a self-proclaimed “sanctuary city,” meaning it would refuse to cooperate with federal authorities in detaining and deporting illegal immigrants.

DeSantis had talked about sending illegals there previously. He also defended the move, saying blue-state sanctuary jurisdictions should step up to match their rhetoric.

Ultimately, Martha’s Vineyard did not. Within 48 hours, the illegals were shipped to a military base on Cape Cod, where they would be watched and cared for by the National Guard.

“He didn’t tell anyone and purposely left people in the dark. So technically the media, the Democrats, everyone got punked who decided to heed some s— on Twitter instead of waiting for confirmation from the governor’s office,” the unnamed source told NBC News.

“The entire point of this is to put a spotlight on the border. It’s what the governor has said.”     

Jill Fredel, the spokesperson for the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, addressed media at Delaware Coastal Airport in Georgetown Tuesday around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

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“We are here as a state to support people that may arrive in Delaware. We’re prepared to offer them the services and the support they need. But we, you know, it’s a humanitarian effort on our part. We want to support people who might arrive in our state. We have no reports of anyone arriving at this point, but we do have those preparations ready,” said Fredel.

“And we are at the state of Delaware. We are going to centralize donations again with our community partners. We will have that website up shortly at but it’s not quite ready to go. But we do encourage people, we know they want to help and offer assistance in many different ways, and we will have that centralized donation website ready to go fairly soon,” said Fredel.

That appeared to be part of the punking.

Florida officials didn’t reveal any details about the flight or say whether it was carrying migrants to keep both the story and the immigration issue front and center.

A DeSantis ally in Delaware applauded the move.

“If you say you’re a sanctuary state, then don’t complain. Biden’s house is not so far away from here. We should park a few on his street,” Kenneth Cook, a Donald Trump supporter, told NBC News.

“I don’t like how there’s all this talk about it being immoral,” he added. “I thought we were all in this together. Share in the pain — whether you’re president, God, or anyone else.”

DeSantis’ campaign also jabbed at its critics in the media.

On Twitter, DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw said, “The entire Democrat-corporate media industrial complex swarmed Delaware today because they thought that DeSantis Air was gonna land there. Regime ‘journalists’ fall for disinformation from a guy on Twitter who’s famous for wearing a Grim Reaper costume to creep on beachgoers.”

Pushaw was referring to lawyer Daniel Uhlfelder, a prominent DeSantis and Trump critic on social media, and this year, a failed Democratic primary candidate for state attorney general. Uhlfelder’s Twitter account shows he was tweeting details of the flight.

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