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Why Crystal Jewelry is the Hottest Fashion and Lifestyle Trend

Leigh Renay energy stone necklaces to wear with intention

The latest trend is crystal clear as people embrace the empowering energy of crystals in home decor and fashion. Leigh Renay designs them to wear with intention

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, US, September 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — People are crazy about crystals in this time of angst and uncertainty because crystal gemstones bring peace and comfort to many. Leigh Renay is answering this consumer demand with a collection of modern energy stone jewelry that empowers women.

“During times of change and uncertainty, our energy jewelry serves as a source of support, helping you stay focused on your goals and intentions to live your best life,” says co-founder Karen LeBlanc.

The women-owned business launched in 2021 amid the COVID-crisis with jewelry pieces that harness energy stone vibrations to amplify thoughts and intentions for positive change.

Each Leigh Renay sleek, minimalist design features an energy stone in the company’s signature organic shape, symbolizing that we are all perfectly imperfect.

Owners Karen LeBlanc, Tracy Sims, and Nicole Williams founded the company based on ancient knowledge and wisdom of energy stones. “Our ancestors understood that an energy field organizes the body. To upgrade your life, you need to upgrade the quality of your energy field. Our modern jewelry collection helps attract the energy you want in your life, ” explains Tracy Sims.

For centuries, humans have understood the power and meanings of gemstones, using them in wellness practices and various life rituals.

Today, crystals have shattered their New Age stereotype, going mainstream in both fashion and home decor. People are purchasing crystals to create healing spaces in their homes and as decor elements. Countless celebrities swear by the empowering energies of crystals. In fact, Leigh Renay was recently listed as a “Celebrity Pick” in In Touch magazine.

“We say with each piece, Wear It With Intention, to support your evolution and growth and in turn manifest what you want in your life,” says Nicole Williams.

Perhaps you are working on unique and meaningful products for a gift guide with the holiday season approaching? Please consider Leigh Renay’s jewelry. If you would like to see a sample, request photos, or set up an interview with the company’s founders, contact karen.leighrenay@gmail.com or call 407-416-1566.

About Leigh Renay:
Leigh Renay is a women-owned company and a collection of modern energy stone jewelry. Founders Tracy Sims, Nicole Williams, and Karen LeBlanc started the company to empower women with positivity and promote mindfulness while giving back to the world. Proceeds from each piece sold go to charitable causes. To learn more, go to www.LeighRenay.com

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