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Women’s 2021 Fashion Trends This Fall

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With the end of August fast approaching, the retail world will already be starting to incorporate this fall’s fashion trends into their display windows and shop floors. You might not want to pack away those summer clothes just yet. For all tips and trends that will be appearing this fall this guide will ensure you are prepared for the colder months whilst still looking fabulously stylish and on trend. So here is a heads up of what is going to be popular this fall in 2021.

Floral Patterns 

Once summer is over you do not need to pack away the floral patterns just yet as they are making an appearance this fall as well. Expect to see them on jackets and coats this year with an abundance of patterns to choose from. So if you want to cover yourself in flowery patterns from head to toe then you certainly can. 

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Chunky Knitwear 

It wouldn’t quite feel like fall if there wasn’t some knitwear included in the mix. Whether it is a long knitted dress, a chunky jumper to wrap yourself in, colorful and comfy knitwears will certainly be featured in this year’s fashion trends. So if you have some from previous years then you will certainly want to get them out from the back of your closet in time for this fall. 

White Shirts 

White shirts never truly go out of fashion, so this year the upcoming trend is going to be to use one of these in your outfit choice. Layer up your look by using your white shirt as a base, and then add your preferred dress of choice on top. Whether it is strapless, v-necked, a bustier or has chunky straps it doesn’t matter. You can pull this look off with any type of dress. This is definitely going to be one of the key trends this fall. 


Whether you are heading out for the day and want a casual, practical look or want to dress up for the evening, you can’t go wrong with jackets to complete your look. Padded jackets will be here to stay this fall, which can be worn comfortably over leggings, trousers or a skirt. 

Paired with some comfy loafers or trainers you have the optimum daytime look whilst still looking stylish. To create a more smart evening look, opt for the smart blazer jacket to go with your trousers, dress or skirt. Combined with a pair of heels you are sure to look stylish and fashionable. 

Stylish Suits 

Suits are not just for working hours but can be used to create a very stylish daytime look. This fall the trend will see a more relaxed looking suit look, with oversized jacket and flared trousers which is perfect if you do not want to squeeze yourself into something tight fitting. Who said a relaxed looking style can not be both stylish and bold too. Bring on the oversized comfortable suits. 


What is a shacket you might ask, well if you haven’t seen one yet in 2021, where have you been? Not going anywhere anytime soon, the shacket is a combination of the style of a shirt but with the heavier fabric of a coat. Light enough to keep you warm but not too heavy that it feels like a coat. The jacket provides a suitable alternative to a jacket or coat this fall. Available in tartan patterns or cosy plain colored fabric ones, be sure to add a shacket to your fall 2021 list of trendy items. 

Green With Envy 

Forget about white, blacks and beige, the hot color this fall is green. Whether it is in a light pastel shade, or a bold deep color, definitely add some green in your outfit if you want to be on trend in 2021. 

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Glitter and Sparkles 

If you really want sparkle in the evening then you will be happy to know that glittery, sequined, and shimmering designs will be available this fall. So whether you want to kit yourself out in a jumpsuit, a long dress, mini skirt or top, you can truly feel like a glamor queen all kitted out in sparkly designs for your evening wear. 

The Worn Out Look 

If you have denim with holes in it or one of those large knitwear jumpers with lots of holes then you will be happy to hear that they are making a comeback. The stylish, worn out look with lots of holes is going to be apparent this fall. Also kinder to the environment you can create this look yourself by cutting up a top or pair of trousers that you own but want to keep on trend without splashing too much cash. 

Flared Denim 

Earlier this year there was the arrival of the 70’s inspired wide legged, flared denim. This will still be apparent this fall 2021. So you do not have to revert to tight fitted denim any time soon if you do not want to. Perfect for getting over any lockdown weight you put on in 2020, whilst still looking very stylish. Comfort and style, who knew. 

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Vibrant Colors

Just because it is fall doesn’t mean you have to dress only in greys, browns and blacks. So this year if you want to truly stand out from everyone else then why not opt for an entire outfit in vibrant colors  such as fluorescent pink, daring red, bright yellow or bright blue. Instead of using contrasting colors you want to create this look using one bright shade instead to stay on trend. 


Most definitely a shoe that is both practical for the colder weather and extremely stylish is the boot. This fall’s ‘Bootwear’ is going to be in the form of a lug sole boot with a chunky heel or some lovely knee high suede looking boots to accompany your mini skirt and tights. You can choose a pair in an earthy tone or opt for one with a bold print to make a statement. 

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Mini Dresses and Skirts 

If you have spent most of 2020 in comfy joggers or general loungewear then get those legs out for this fall with a stylish mini dress for the evening or a cute mini skirt, paired with boots and chunky knitwear to create a stylish daytime look. It doesn’t just have to be summer if you want to show your legs off. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. 

Shades of Brown 

If you don’t like the idea of opting for more vibrant, bright colors then you can choose the more subdued tones of brown instead. You could layer up your outfit with different shades of brown to create a stylish but autumnal feel to your outfit. 

A Touch of Pearls 

No outfit would be complete without a sprinkling of jewelry to add a stylish touch. This fall, pearls are what you want to add to your outfit, if you want to recreate Audrey Hepburn vibes with your little black dress or add a vocal point to your outfit. Accessorize your hair with some lovely pearly hair bands or by wearing some statement earrings to add a touch of glamor. 

Whether you have some pieces you can incorporate into these 2021 trends or simply need to treat yourself to a few new pieces, you will be sure to know what to look out for when fall arrives with this guide for the upcoming fashion trends. You deserve to look and feel your best. So treat yourself to a brand new outfit this fall. 


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