3 Dead in Snow Shoveling Argument

3 Neighbors Dead After Argument About Snow Shoveling

A Pennsylvania shooting stemming from an argument between neighbors over snow shoveling during a winter storm on Monday left two people dead, and the shooter committing suicide.

According to the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office, the two victims were James and Lisa Goy. They were shot and killed by Jeffrey Spaide, who then shot himself.

Police responded to a reported shooting on West Bergh Street in the Hudson section of Plains Township, Pennsylvania, around 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Police say started as an argument about shoveling snow, and after watching the home surveillance video, it was a heated argument about snow shoveling.

According to the statement from the DA, Jeffrey Spaide, of 6 West Bergh Street and James and Lisa Goy of 13 West Bergh Street, directly across the street, were all outside shoveling their driveways and clearing off their cars.

The Goys were shoveling the snow across the road and throwing the snow onto Spaide’s property. Spaide asked them to stop, which started a heated verbal argument between the two parties.

The DA’s statement says that during the argument, Mr. Goy threw the tool he was using to clear snow from his car and walked up to Spaide with a fist.

The video reveals James Goy threatens to to fight Spaide and yells, “You’re a p***y, p***y, p***y, p***y.”

Spaide then went into his house while the Goys continued to yell and continued to yell obsecentites at Spaide. “F**k you, you scummy mothe*F***er.”

Spaide came back out with a handgun and both parties continued yelling when Spaide opened fire at close range until he struck each of the Goys.

Spaide went back inside and returned with an AR-15 style rifle, firing again upon both of the Goys, already suffering from gunshot wounds.

After the shooting, witnesses tell investigators Spaide went back into his home, paced back and forth before another gunshot was heard when police arrived.

The Luzerne County DA has closed the investigation into this case.


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