4 Easy Ways You Can Prevent Hearing Loss

4 Easy Ways You Can Prevent Hearing Loss

Hearing health is something that’s quite easy to ignore, as you don’t really suffer any consequences until you’re experiencing hearing loss for yourself. It’s important that you’re doing what you can to protect your hearing, as it’s fragile, and even if the consequences aren’t always instant – they can be permanent when they eventually start to show. 

Despite the fact that some forms of hearing loss are permanent, hearing aids technology is evolving, and the are many benefits of hearing aids for those who are having a hard time hearing without them. 

Keep sharp objects away from ears

It might seem like a common practice, to put objects in your ear when there is excess earwax building up in your ear, but it’s not a great idea. You risk damaging your eardrum, and the inner lining of your ears. Even if you don’t damage your eardrum, just scraping the inner lining of your ears can lead to serious and painful infections. Your ear will swell up in an attempt to heal, and as a result, any ear wax may be pushed even further into your ear – making it more difficult and dangerous to reach. Ear infections can also cause temporary hearing loss.

Exposure to loud noise

Of course, not all loud noises can be avoided or prepared for, but when you have the chance you should wear protection. If you’re working on a loud worksite, hearing protection is essential for maintaining your hearing health. It doesn’t always hurt when the volume is too loud, but you should know that any volume too high can be dangerous. Loud music, machinery, and so on are common causes that lead to hearing loss later on in life. 

Read the side-effects

Hearing loss doesn’t always come as a consequence, it can come from some medicines, too. Certain painkillers can cause your ears to receive less oxygen than they need, which will cause you to experience hearing loss. This form of hearing loss isn’t always permanent, and if you are experiencing this, you should speak with your doctor. It’s not just painkillers that may cause it, so be sure you’re checking through the possible side effects of the medicine that you’re taking.

Speak with a professional

If you’re not confident that your hearing is still healthy, you should consider speaking with a professional or a specialist. Visiting an audiologist can help you get to the bottom of whether or not the hearing difficulties you’re having are a result of hearing loss or something else. It could be that you have a build-up of wax, loss from an infection, or something else.

If your ears are blocked due to an object in your ear, or too much ear wax – you should not attempt to clean this yourself. It’s dangerous to put objects deep in your ear, and a specialist can do it without the risk of causing permanent hearing damage. Even the DIY ear cleaning kits can be dangerous if not handled properly.

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