Lt. Col. Matt Lohmeier

Air Force Colonel Who Spoke Out Against CRT Is Leaving The Service

The former Space Force commander who spoke out against the spread of Marxism and Critical Race Theory within the military is now leaving the service.

Lt. Col. Matt Lohmeier, an Air Force Academy graduate and a former commander of 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, told The Epoch Times in an interview published Tuesday that he is leaving the Air Force effective Sept. 1.

He did not disclose why he decided to leave the military. He told Epoch Times he had requested an early retirement, but was denied. The Air Force did agree to an honorable discharge.

“My family and I have decided that that’s the best course of action for us right now, given the circumstances,” he said. “I believe I’m able to continue serving my country outside of the service and out of uniform, perhaps in a better way than I was able to, given the circumstances, in uniform at the moment.”

In the interview, Lohmeier said he has witnessed a growth of what he referred to as the “Marxist revolutionary impulse” within the ranks, when it comes to diversity training.

The Tampa Free Press reported back in May that Lohmeier was relieved of command after he went on a podcast and criticized the Pentagon’s diversity training, including CRT, as Marxist and divisive within the ranks. At the time Lohmeier was promoting a book he had written about that.

Lohmeier said the Air Force investigated him for being “politically partisan,” which is forbidden among military personnel.

Yet, he added, the Pentagon exercises a double standard, as those who espouse the accepted, Marxism-based CRT mantra are free to be political and partisan.

Lohmeier told Epoch Times that he actually wrote the book, entitled “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military,” after filing a complaint to the Air Force’s inspector general’s office about CRT training.

The complaint, Lohmeier said, argued that the training was overtly partisan and discriminatory against whites, and violated former President Donald Trump’s ban on CRT indoctrination.

The IG sat on the complaint through the November election, he said.

“I point out in a formal complaint that these things are going on, and it’s dismissed. I write a book about these things going on, and I’m fired from my command position for being politically partisan,” Lohmeier said.

Lohmeier told Epoch Times that troops are being taught to accept CRT through “propaganda videos” that “demonize the Constitution.”

Lohmeier even noted that chaplains are involved.

He recalled a conversation he had with a chaplain who wanted to provide race training to his unit. When Lohmeier asked him to define systemic racism, his answer was that “all whites are racists.”

“You shouldn’t be allowed to serve in uniform if you, from your official position, push out anti-American, anti-Constitution videos to the people at your base,” he said.

Lohmeier argues that the country is amid a cultural revolution in which leftists want to remake society in a Marxian manner, using both violence and the threat of violence, as well as changes to language and culture to pursue their aims.    

“This is a threat to the American way of life, and America’s founding philosophy,” he said.

“If we pursue ideas and ideology that is intent upon dividing American society, we will fall. Division will destroy you.”

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