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As Americans Continue To Suffer From COVID Fallout, Biden Admin Spends Big On Bikes … For Africans

President Joe Biden and almost all of his Democratic allies in Congress are willing to dole out cash like it’s candy on Halloween night – showing no fear of inflation and no concern for our growing indebtedness.

And their generosity with other people’s money is not restricted just to corporate cronies, race hucksters, environmental hysterics, or general layabouts.

Plenty of the lucre goes overseas, sometimes to America’s enemies.

The conservative group Judicial Watch recently spotlighted a unique transportation initiative by the Biden administration.

“While Americans struggle through pandemic-induced financial hardships and a supply chain crisis,” Judicial Watch noted on its website, “the U.S. government is dedicating millions of dollars to provide bicycles for residents of sub-Saharan Africa.”

That would be $3.5 million to be exact.

The group noted that Americans are finding bikes harder to come by because of the supply-chain crisis and escalating inflation.

But the U.S. Agency for International Development apparently won’t allow that to happen in Africa.

Its Bicycles for Growth Initiative “aims to improve sustainable access to affordable bicycles,” AID said in a press release.

That, in turn, will “increase mobility in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa by developing and demonstrating means to rapidly increase bicycle uptake for individuals who cannot afford or do not have access to other transportation – thereby facilitating the opportunity for higher incomes, and better health and education outcomes.”

“Walking is the main mode of transportation in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. “More than 70 percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s rural residents must traverse long distances without access to roads or transportation to commute to work, transport goods to market, travel to school, or obtain medical care.”

Yet, AID added, “Bicycles can provide an affordable, accessible, reliable, and efficient alternative to walking, offering more carrying capacity and easier access to necessary destinations.”

The bikes appeared headed toward Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia.

“The Bicycle for Growth Initiative represents a simple, but effective approach to addressing a common development challenge.”

Judicial Watch noted that AID, with a $40 billion annual budget, is accustomed to tossing “gigantic sums to foreign causes, including a multitude of leftist groups around the globe.”

In this case, “More American money is likely to flow to the African bike initiative considering the language in USAID’s announcement.”

“While the government cash flows across the Atlantic,” Judicial Watch added, “nearly half of Americans struggle with financial hardship caused by the economic fallout of COVID-19.”

“The nonpartisan think tank Pew Research Center reports that the economic fallout from the pandemic is hitting low-income adults, Hispanics, and Asian Americans hardest with that demographic experiencing higher rate of job loss or pay cut since the outbreak began in early 2020” the group concluded.

“Wonder how those folks feel about their government spending millions to purchase bikes for sub-Saharan Africans?”

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