America may now be over Trump Derangement Syndrome. Rittenhouse Arizona State University

As Displayed By Radicals At ASU, Evidence Shows That TDS Has Now Become RDS

America may now be over Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It appears the baton of driving the radical, detached-from-reality leftists utterly mad has now been passed to Kyle Rittenhouse.

After days of smear merchants, led by hosts at MSNBC, refusing to accept the jury’s verdict in Rittenhouse’s murder trial, The Washington Times reported on Monday that a quartet of leftist groups at Arizona State University want the college’s administration to boot Rittenhouse from campus.

Rittenhouse recently said he had been accepted at ASU to study nursing.

But the groups, seeming to want to add to the roster of potential defendants should the 18-year-old pursue legal action against his critics, denounced Rittenhouse a “racist murderer,” and demanded ASU get rid of him.

They did so despite the fact that no one has produced any evidence that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist – as even Joe Biden has claimed. Nor does it make any difference that Rittenhouse was acquitted of two murder charges because a jury, based partly on the testimony of one of the rioters that attacked him night in August 2020, believed he acted in self-defense against rioting thugs who vowed to kill him.

The groups protesting Rittenhouse being enrolled at ASU include the Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, and MECHA de ASU, which is best known for harassing Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in the restroom.

The radicals made four demands of the ASU administration:

  • “Withdraw” Rittenhouse from the college’
  • Release a statement against “White Supremacy & racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse”;
  • “Reaffirm” support for the multicultural center on campus as a “space safe from White Supremacy”;
  • And redirect funding from the ASU Police Department “to support the multicultural center and establishment of a care center on campus.”

Regarding their first demand, the geniuses behind this movement want Rittenhouse tossed from the Tempe campus even though he is only taking classes online.

As for the last two demands, Free Press readers may recall that ASU’s “multicultural learning space” was where two black female students recently assaulted two white male students who were quietly studying.

One man had a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on his laptop, while the other wore a T-shirt that said, “Didn’t Vote for Biden.”

When the women accosted them, they replied that they had as much right as anyone to study in the “multicultural” center.

That prompted one of the women to respond: “You’re white! Do you understand what a multicultural space [is] … White is not a culture!”

While the administration is poised to penalize the women for violating the student code, more than a dozen professors want them let off the hook, claiming they were triggered by a bumper sticker and a T-shirt.

As for Rittenhouse, the radicals who reportedly want him gone are also triggered by his presence, even if online.

“We as the ASU community do not feel safe knowing that a mass shooter, who has expressed violent intentions about ‘protecting property’ over people, is so carelessly allowed to be admitted to the school at all,” a representative of the Students for Socialism told Fox News.

“Our campus is already unsafe as is, and we would like to abate this danger as much as possible.”

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