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Babylon Bee Jokes On Ways DeSantis Could Shut Down Disney In Florida

The news satire website Babylon Bee poked fun at the Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday in its ongoing battle with Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Disney’s Epcot Center (By Rick Wilks, TFP)

The news satire website Babylon Bee poked fun at the Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday in its ongoing battle with Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In its “news” report, the Bee noted, “As the feud continues between Ron DeSantis and the Disney corporation over what the Florida Governor calls Disney’s ‘grooming’ behavior towards young children, Disney was forced to halt all operations after DeSantis’s administration built an elementary school within 1,000 feet of the theme park.”

“Disney has proudly employed sex predators for years, and this act of aggression by DeSantis will force thousands of our proud pedo-American workers to leave the park to stay outside the 1,000-foot radius required by law,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a made-up quote offered by the Bee. “This is tyranny!”

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On the other side, the Bee offered its spin on what DeSantis might say in that situation, wherein he would discuss the issue outside “Based Elementary School,” whose mascot is a “musclebound alligator treading on a Pride flag.”

“We can’t stop Disney from running constant programming that steals innocence from young children, but we can shut them down with this elementary school!” DeSantis said, according to the Bee’s account of the opening of the fictitious school.

“Disney’s crusade to corrupt the youth has finally come to an end here in the free state of Florida.”

The Bee also added, “At publishing time, the former Disney employees had all gotten jobs as public school teachers in California.”

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Obviously, this Bee account of the brawl between DeSantis and Disney is a farce.

Yet the Jupiter-based satire website has a proven track record of prognostication.

Last month, CEO Seth Dillon told Fox News that almost 100 previous Bee headlines either came true or were proven partially true.

As one example, the Bee published an article in July 2021 under the headline “To Improve Public Perception, Kamala Harris Taking Likability Lessons From Hillary Clinton.” Just one month later,  Axios reported that one of Clinton’s former advisers held a dinner for some prominent Democratic women — with Clinton’s former spokeswoman among them — to discuss how to protect Vice President Kamala Harris from bad press.

In another example from 2021, the Bee joked that U-Haul had made California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom its salesman of the year because of the volume of its business in that state. A few months later, U-Haul reported it was struggling to furnish Californians with trucks because of the high number of one-way rentals leaving the state.

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“The problem isn’t that our satire is too close to reality,” Dillon told Fox News. “It’s that reality is too close to satire, so our jokes keep coming true.”

Maybe Dillon’s point will be proven again soon.

As the News Service of Florida reported on Monday, DeSantis outlined how the state would revoke changes to land-use regulations made by the former Reedy Creek Improvement District, the board that oversaw Disney’s property.

The district recently shifted control to the Disney company to prevent a new state board appointed by DeSantis from making those decisions.

As the News Service noted, “DeSantis said his hand-picked board to replace the former Reedy Creek leaders will consider how undeveloped Disney land can be used, suggesting the possibility of a state park, workforce housing, or a prison.”

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