Sean Mahar (ACSO)

Babysitter Saves 3-Year-Old From Being Kidnapped Through Motel Window, Michigan Man Charged

Sean Mahar (ACSO)
Sean Mahar (ACSO)

A Michigan man has been arrested after reportedly attempting to kidnap a 3-year-old boy via a motel room window, according to authorities.

The suspect, Sean Mahar, 27, was detained on March 15 after reportedly “opening the window of the room and attempting to pull the child out of the window” at a motel in Mancelona Township, Mich., according to an Antrim County Sheriff’s Office statement released on Tuesday.

Mahar was charged with attempted kidnapping-child enticement, home invasion, breaking and entering with purpose, and chronic offender, according to the police statement.

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Kendall Irland, the child’s babysitter, “was able to pull the child to safety,” according to the statement.

Irland, a friend of the child’s mother, told 9&10 News that she was about nine months pregnant and caring for the victim, among other children.

She identified the suspect as the family’s neighbor and added that the family had been sleeping at the motel for a while.

Initially, she had no reservations about the suspect interacting with the boy until she learned he was allegedly attempting to entice him out with the promise of taking the child to his father, she stated in an interview.

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“[The suspect] was telling him, ‘Come here, I’ll come help you find your dad,'” she said. That’s when her alarms went off.

She raced to save the infant. “I’ve never moved that quickly in my entire life,” she told 9&10 News.

“I jumped out of the bed, screamed ‘No sir!’ as loud as I could,” Irland said. She then “slammed the window, locked it shut,” she told 9&10 News.

“I told my husband he needed to come inside because he was sitting in the truck right in front of the apartment,” she was quoted by the outlet.

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The child’s father arrived at the scene shortly before the police arrived on the scene.

“I am thankful. She is currently experiencing difficulties during her pregnancy.”It was probably difficult for her,” he told 9&10 News. “But I’m glad that her and my niece and her husband are safe and that my kids are OK too.”

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