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Biden Finally Rubs Democrats The Wrong Way – By Blocking Traffic

Almost every day, Democratic President Joe Biden does something that makes America weaker, poorer, or more under the rule of tyranny.
President Joe Biden (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Almost every day, Democratic President Joe Biden does something that makes America weaker, poorer, or more under the rule of tyranny.

And yet Democrats cling to him — perhaps conscious of the alternative: the rise of Vice President Kamala Harris.

For example, the website reported that Biden’s favorability rating among Democrats in June, as averaged across multiple public opinion polls, was 80% — which was three points higher than former President Donald Trump’s score among Republicans.

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But libertarian columnist James Bovard may have found what causes leftists to turn on Biden.

A traffic jam.

Writing last week in the New York Post, Bovard noted, “For every day and every scandal of his presidency, President Biden could count on unflinching, irrevocable support from the Washington Post and its devoted readers.”

But that backing screeched to a halt, albeit momentarily, when Biden shut down the Washington Beltway to “travel unseen and unimpeded by any peasants” to a fundraiser in a snobbish section of the Maryland suburbs, Bovard wrote.

Biden’s rush-hour trek caused a backup running five miles, and snarled traffic for hours.

The Washington Post covered the traffic jam. And its story generated more than 100 comments, mostly from angry Democrats.

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Bovard included a few of them.

One wrote, “4 hours of my life I can’t get back. This has single-handedly cost my capital D Democrat vote for you Sleepy Uncle Joe. . . . If Der Oranj Furor wins by one vote, you know what cost you the election.”

Another added, “Big Biden supporter here — but what an unnecessary and boneheaded move by the Secret Service.”

“Put Joe on the Metro,” said another, referring to DC’s subway system. Still another said, “He likes to ride his bike so let Joe pedal away on backroads.”

In closing, Bovard wrote that the “chaos was the result of Team Biden’s sense of impunity.”

“Washingtonians had a tiny dose of what other Americans have suffered since early 2021, from the total disruption along the southwest border caused by the illegal alien influx to the total paralysis that families endured from pointless school shutdowns to placate teacher unions.”

“How many more boondoggles can Biden survive?”

If you ask Democrats, the answer is probably all of them.

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