Book Launch for “My Reinvented Life: Finding Purpose in the Pain” from author Eleni Anastos

My Reinvented Life: Finding Purpose in the Pain

"My Reinvented Life: Finding Purpose in the Pain" is a new release from Eleni Anastos. The story demonstrates how to reinvent yourself during challenging times.

CLEARWATER, FL, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 / — It was like any other day in the almost 30 years of previous weekdays where Eleni Anastos turned off her alarm, got out of bed, and readied herself for another normal workday in a profession she loved: teaching. Everything felt normal, familiar, and safe, until that moment when it was not. Until that moment where after being trampled to the ground and kicked repeatedly by a group of senior high school students turned into a fight for her life that would change her personal and professional journey forever.

“I was begging and screaming for my life, but they kept kicking. Every time I tried to get up I got knocked back down. I tried to protect my head. I remember the terror and helplessness in the moment I realized one wrong blow to the head, and I could die,” Eleni Anastos said.

Severe PTSD took away this Teacher of the Year Award winner’s ability to return to the profession she felt destined for. “Teaching was a calling. Positively impacting students’ lives was my core identity. I was very, very actively involved as a class sponsor, attended sporting events to cheer on students, and more."

Eleni Anastos taught every grade from kindergarten to 12th, with the last decade of her teaching career serving in high school. She loved being a special education teacher working with emotionally impaired, learning disabled, and cognitively impaired students.

On the day that dramatically changed her life forever, anyone could assume she remained devastated, that Eleni Anastos would continue to feel helpless and defeated. No. None of that comes close to the truth. This event was the catalyst that led to a full personal and professional reinvention. There were definitely days that were harder than others. We all face obstacles or challenges that threaten to derail us or shut us down. It is a choice to let this scenario happen to us or to decide to do differently. Learning to reinvent who we are, what we do, what defines us, is done one step at a time and one day at a time.
My Reinvented Life: Finding Purpose in the Pain

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Eleni Anastos, a dedicated educator, never expected to fight for her life from an attack by students. However, at 51 years old, this is how her almost three-decade-long teaching career ended, and with it, the life she had built. Not her life’s first tragedy, but it was the catalyst for complete personal and professional reinvention.

The primary message in My Reinvented Life: Finding Purpose in the Pain is one of hope and inspiration to move forward. Reinventing yourself and your life does not make what happened in the past right. It does not mean the event was fair and it does not belittle the pain. It does not dismiss any fear or helplessness someone feels in taking on the reinvention journey into the unknown. The key point is that if you put your energy into past events or feelings instead of reinvention, “they” win, “they” define you, and that is not their right.

A recurring theme in the book is: “Life is not about winning or losing, it's about letting go to go on. That’s the only way to get your life back,” Eleni Anastos said.

One of the author’s favorite quotes, which is part of her reinvention outlook is: “Don't wait for ‘it’ to get better, get better at ‘it.’ ” It does not matter what “it” is for you. Getting better at dealing with “it” is what is going to ease your reinvention and make a difference in your life.

What My Reinvented Life: Finding Purpose in the Pain is:
• Focuses on coming out on the other side of trauma, healthier and stronger.
• Acknowledges that age does not define you. Any day in your life, at any age, that you are ready to start something new, you can.
• Provides insights into taking the time to heal and renew.
• Addresses developing and enforcing boundaries on your terms.
• Embraces vulnerability, worthiness, and forgiveness in all circumstances.
• Involves learning to find gratitude in all things.
• Strategies for moving forward and reinventing.

What the book is not:
• Not about revenge or retribution.
• Not about blaming or shaming.
• Not about investing energy in the negative or on things we cannot change.

These themes are true for people around the world. These goals are achievable by anyone in the world. All ages of readers all over the globe can benefit from reading this book and embracing its concepts.

About the Author

Eleni Anastos was tenacious about reinventing herself.

As a certified business coach, Eleni Anastos helps entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives bust through money and mindset blocks, so they can create the income, impact, and lifestyle they desire at any age. She believes that external results only come from internal change. Eleni has developed assessment tools and training protocols to help clients achieve their goals. She provides coaching services both one-on-one and in groups. She is available as a keynote speaker and workshop leader for virtual and in-person events globally.

Eleni Anastos made her first national television appearance at the age of 60, so she knows success at any age is possible. She has since appeared seven times on national television. She is a highly sought-after featured guest expert on national and international podcasts and streaming networks.


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