President Joe Biden's speech in Charleston, SC

California Law Professor Snips Biden’s Attacks Against AG Garland Appointed Special Counsel

President Joe Biden's speech in Charleston, SC
President Joe Biden’s speech in Charleston, SC (File)

During a Friday Fox News appearance, University of California law professor John Yoo defended special counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s mental capacity and challenged Biden to release the transcript and recordings of his interview with investigators.

Hur’s report, released Thursday, found that Biden intentionally kept classified documents but declined to charge him, citing the fact that Biden reportedly forgot the death of his son, former Democratic Attorney General of Delaware Beau Biden.

Democrats slammed Hur for referring to the president as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” prompting Yoo to respond.

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“I actually don’t see how the report could not mention that, because it’s the only ground really on which the special counsel says he’s not going to go after President Biden,” Yoo told “The Story” guest host Trace Gallagher. “Based on what’s in the report, the facts and the law, it looks like President Biden violated the laws on classified information. The only reason the special counsel appears to give for why he wouldn’t go to the courtroom and try to convict Joe Biden is because he says Joe Biden is a sympathetic elderly man with bad, bad memory.”

“The facts of the report are even worse, it’s not bad memory, it looks like he has no memory of certain facts and important dates involving things like the fight over Afghanistan,” Yoo added. “So that is a critical part of the report.”

Yoo, a former deputy assistant attorney general in George W. Bush’s administration, offered Biden’s supporters a way to clarify the allegations.

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“I challenge the Biden Administration this way: If you really think that this special counsel you picked is distorting and misrepresenting, then release this transcript,” Yoo said. “Release any audio or video recordings of President Biden’s interview and let us decide whether we think he’s an elderly man with bad memory or not.”

Leftist Media

While most leftists on social media circled the wagons around President Joe Biden on Thursday after the release of a damning special prosecutor’s report, at least one liberal outlet was troubled by Biden’s obvious loss of mental acuity.

The website Business Insider offered a few takes that surprisingly expressed doubts about Biden’s fitness and abilities.

Hur determined that Biden was, in fact, careless in handling the sensitive materials. But Hur also declined to prosecute Biden.

His reason: Biden’s memory is “significantly limited,” and since he is an “elderly man with a poor memory,” he could easily convince a jury that his alleged crime occurred because of his mistakes rather than a willful attempt to break the law.

Hur noted that Biden, in an interview, could not recall when he served as vice president (2009 to 2017) and could not recall when his son Beau died, even though Biden has repeatedly brought up his son’s death for political points, including last week when he spoke to the family of one of three U.S. troops killed in Jordan by a militants’ attack.

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During a hastily called press conference Thursday night to address Hur’s report, Biden proved the special counsel’s assessment, referring to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as the president of Mexico.

For its part, Business Insider (BI) noted that Biden had a “bad night” in trying to defend himself against the allegations.

Biden, who long has had a reputation for being a hothead, appeared “furious” and “angry” at both the reason behind Hur’s investigation and its findings.

Yet, the website reported, “It’s not exactly new information that Biden’s biggest liability is that he’s in his 80s. Polling consistently shows Americans of both political parties are concerned about the president’s age and fitness.”

“But having a special counsel report call out his memory so directly may be harder for voters to dismiss than when GOP pundits do it. And it will likely be harder for Biden and his campaign to ignore, too.”

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In a separate report, BI added, “Perhaps the biggest takeaway from Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report is that President Joe Biden is struggling with memory issues.”

“Hur’s report, while not recommending any criminal charges over Biden’s handling of classified documents, included seemingly grave warnings about the president’s mental acuity,” the website continued.

BI noted Biden’s failure to recall when he served as VP and when his son died. And then BI noted, “Biden has suffered several public memory lapses during his presidency, particularly in recent weeks.”

“At a campaign event in New York on Wednesday, Biden confused former German Chancellor Angela Merkel with her predecessor, who has since died. And days before that, he confused French President Emmanuel Macron with Francois Mitterrand, who died in 1996. Over the summer, Biden confused Ukraine with Iraq twice in a 24-hour period.”

In yet a third story about Biden and Hur’s report, BI called the findings “embarrassing” for Biden.

Biden is obviously an old man with a fading memory,” the website’s headline noted. “But here’s the thing: Are you really surprised by this?”

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“What’s different about the Hur revelations is that they’re spelled out in an official Department of Justice report, giving the obvious memory lapses a patina of officiality that Biden’s numerous one-camera slip-ups lack,” the report continued.

“Since the beginning of Biden’s presidency, he’s issued occasionally (sic) gaffes, tripped on stairs, or had other incidents that highlight the fact that he’s old,” BI added. Yet, the website predicted, Democrats will fall in line to support him.

Just as many did Thursday on social media.

One BI report predicted that the revelation of Biden’s failing mental fitness ultimately would not hurt him, especially with loyal Democrats. 

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But even that seemed couched with doubt.

“The [Democratic] party as a whole, save for [challenger Rep. Dean] Phillips and his minority of supporters, has felt confident in their ability to win over the public not by insisting upon Biden’s sharp wit, but by the policies that Democratic trifectas were able to deliver in 2021 and 2022.”

What exactly would that “trifecta” be, though? Open borders, a sour economy, and a world on fire and in chaos?

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