Azusa Police Department (APD)

California “Serial Slingshot Shooter” Arrested: An 81-Year-Old’s Decade-Long Reign Of Terror Ends

Azusa Police Department (APD)
Azusa Police Department (APD)

For nearly a decade, the quiet streets of one California city were plagued by a most unusual form of vandalism – a rogue octogenarian armed with a slingshot and a penchant for causing mischief.

This elderly perpetrator, known as the “serial slingshot shooter,” had evaded law enforcement for years, leaving a trail of shattered windows and damaged windshields in his wake.

However, the long arm of the law finally caught up with him, leading to a dramatic arrest that brought an end to his reign of terror.

It all began with a series of seemingly isolated incidents, each leaving behind a destruction trail that puzzled the local authorities.

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Homeowners and motorists in the Azusa neighborhood reported broken windows, cracked windshields, and the occasional near-miss as small metal projectiles rained down from an unseen source. For years, the Azusa Police Department struggled to identify the culprit behind these strange occurrences, unable to pinpoint the origin of the attacks.

As the years passed, the incidents only grew in frequency and intensity. Dozens of citizens fell victim to the “serial slingshot shooter’s” relentless campaign of property damage, with the cumulative cost of the vandalism reaching staggering heights.

Despite the best efforts of the Azusa Police Department, the elusive perpetrator remained one step ahead, evading capture and continuing to terrorize the neighborhood with his unconventional weapon of choice.

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It was only after a decade of frustration that the Azusa Police Department finally managed to crack the case. Through a meticulous and lengthy investigation, they were able to identify the suspect as 81-year-old Prince Raymond King, a local resident who had been living in the area for years.

The breakthrough came when the authorities executed a search warrant on King’s home, uncovering the telltale signs of his criminal activities – a slingshot and an unspecified number of ball bearings.

On May 23rd, 2024, Prince Raymond King was arrested and booked into the Men’s Central Jail in Los Angeles, where he is currently being held on no bail.

The Azusa Police Department, in their press release, dubbed him the “serial slingshot shooter,” a moniker that aptly captured the peculiarity of his crimes. While the motive behind King’s decade-long campaign of vandalism remains unclear, the authorities have stated that it was likely driven by “malicious mischief” rather than any specific target or grievance.

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As the investigation into Prince Raymond King’s actions continues, the authorities are working to uncover the underlying reasons behind his decade-long reign of terror. While the official statement cites “malicious mischief” as the primary motive, some experts have speculated that the elderly man may have been driven by a sense of resentment or a desire for attention.

Others have suggested that mental health issues or a simple lack of productive outlets may have contributed to his unusual choice of criminal activity.

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