DeSantis and Pushaw

Conservative Women Rally Around DeSantis’ Spokeswoman For Liberal Cartoonist’s Sexism

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is just the latest and best-known example of a supposed lefty champion of women’s rights to exhibit a capability for sexism.

Now, a liberal editorial cartoonist in Florida is taking flak for attacking Gov. Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman.

On Wednesday, Andy Marlette of the Pensacola News-Journal tweeted his caricature of Christina Pushaw as an ugly, if not repellant, “cover girl” disgracing the front of a high-end fashion magazine.

The cartoon features teasing headlines that portray Pushaw as an acidic, badly made-over gold-digger stumping for DeSantis on the taxpayer dime as the “Florida COVID Cover-up Girl.”

“Using Twitter to Take a Taxpayer $$$ Funded Paycheck,” one headline in the toon says. Another adds, “3 Cosmetic Enhancements to Conceal Inner Ugliness.”

Conservative women wasted no time launching into Marlette for his sexism.

Podcaster and former NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch tweeted, “I wonder if @Twitter will suspend media who share this sexist garbage of @ChristinaPushaw like they suspended her for justifiably criticizing a poorly-written piece of activist garbage disingenuously promoted as ‘reporting?’”

“Once again it’s totally fine to make grotesque, sexist smears against women — as long as they have the ‘wrong’ ideas in their heads,” tweeted Lyndsey Fifield, social media manager for The Heritage Foundation.

Stacey Matthews, a columnist for who writes as “Sister Toldjah,” also was not amused.

Matthews admitted a cartoonist’s job is to be provocative. But hypocrisy is the issue.

“Sexism in the media is okay as long as they pick the right target (a Republican woman), I guess. Disgusting,” she wrote on Wednesday.

“Let’s be honest here,” she added. “If Pushaw was a man, there would have been nothing about cosmetic enhancements mentioned and obviously, the short skirt would have been left out of the cartoon, too.”

But, Matthews continued, “Would he consider doing a cartoon like this about [White House spokeswoman Jen] Psaki after her Vogue interview? Of course not. He could have gotten his message (which was still deeply flawed, especially once you read the background of the Florida media’s ridiculous pearl-clutching over Pushaw just trying to do her job) across without the bit about ‘cosmetic enhancements’ and the short skirt.”

“Instead, he comes off looking like a sexist jerk and, quite frankly, a [word that rhymes with “trick” that I can’t use here]. But then again, maybe that was the point?”

Pushaw has been in the crosshairs of liberals of late for defending DeSantis against a misleading Associated Press article last week.

The article suggested that DeSantis was promoting monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID-19 to benefit a wealthy campaign supporter – when in fact he has been the most aggressive champion of a federally owned initiative that even Dr. Anthony Fauci says is highly beneficial to keeping COVID patients out of the hospital.

Pushaw pushed back, noting that the donor, hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, is a relatively small fish in a big school of fiscal heavy-hitters supporting the company behind the treatment, Regeneron. She also has argued that the slant would prevent people from seeking life-saving treatment.

Even the liberal fact-checking site PolitiFact has dubbed the allegation that the Governor promoted the treatment to benefit Griffin as false.

Pushaw told The Free Press, “Despite the blatant misogyny of Andy Marlette’s cartoon, I do not want anyone to censor him. Everyone should see what kind of low blows the Pensacola News-Journal endorses, despite its parent company Gannett’s lofty statements about diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

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