Construction Cranes Signal a Booming Tampa Economy and Super Bowl Guests May Consider it a Green Light to Relocate

TAMPA, Fla. – As you drive around Tampa Bay – look up. You see construction cranes dotting the horizon.

One local architect/builder says that’s great news for our region especially with Super Bowl fans and companies visiting our area.

Jonathan Moore, president of InVision Advisors says with each crane there’s a story. It means jobs for construction workers across many platforms, it means new businesses that will employ others and it indicates new services will be needed to fulfill the property goals.

Each crane has many touchpoints that many people aren’t even considering. Those are wins for the entire Tampa Bay community. For the visitors, they may notice these things and start thinking about Tampa for their businesses. Moore sees the wins first hand and hears the stories.

Jonathan Moore, president of InVision Advisors
Jonathan Moore, President of InVision Advisors

As an Owner’s Representative in Tampa Bay and the South East, Moore’s group works with hundreds of construction teams and builders. He sees the growth and impact it’s having on our region, economy and ability to attract other new businesses to our area.

Such building makes it attractive to businesses wanting to relocate to growing and thriving cities, like Tampa Bay.

Moore says, “For every crane we see, there are 50-75 subcontractors. We talk to the small guy who might be laying the concrete block and may be on that job for an hour, go to another project for a few hours and then end with another 2 hour job. The subcontractors are being run ragged and that’s a great indication of our local economy.”  He continues, “We are really succeeding in terms of real estate development. New businesses coming in and applying for building permits and then being issued are huge wins for Tampa Bay.”

Every day Moore’s company is working on dozens of projects. They’ve worked on big projects like the St. Pete Pier, Tampa Theatre, Brian Glazer Family JCC, Ford’s Garage, Florida Polytechnic and a slew of others.

When visitors come for fun for an event like the Super Bowl, business leaders can’t help but notice the subtleties of growth. That puts Tampa in the spotlight for possibilities now and for our future. They could use this visit as the starting point for discussions to determine a company move, a satellite office, and other objectives.

Moore says, “When you see road closure signs, don’t get frustrated – consider what that might mean. It could indicate new restaurants, new office spaces and new apartment complexes going in there. Once complete over the next 6 months to a year that will lead to a new and evolving Tampa Bay.”

About InVision Advisors: They pride themselves on helping organizations that don’t have the time, knowledge or ability to manage the design and construction process. Their motto is Dream, Plan, Execute.

President Jonathan Moore can be contacted at (813) 784-3146. The company website can be found at


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