First All-Inclusive Residential Community Reinvents the Homeowner’s Association to Elevate the Human Experience

Samia Solh, Founder of Paradigm Communities

Samia Solh, Founder of Paradigm Communities

Paradigm Communities are designed to integrate home solutions, services, and amenities to empower people like never before

Time is the one thing that can’t be purchased, rewound, or replaced.”

— Samia Solh, Founder of Paradigm Communities

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, November 4, 2022 / — Urban Ave. a start-up avant-garde real estate development firm unveils the first all-inclusive residential community. Paradigm Communities is a fresh neighborhood concept that seamlessly integrates amenities, community features, and efficient home designs to elevate the human experience. Neighborhoods and homes are designed with a human-centered approach, governed by a Homeowner’s Association model recreated to serve as an empowering and supportive system.

“At Paradigm Communities, we value our life experience, and we value our time.” said Samia Solh, founder of Paradigm Communities. The team of expert designers, engineers, and architects are forward-thinking innovators on a mission to change what neighborhoods can offer -beyond a physical home and your typical amenities. Offering a system that is designed with a deep connection with the end-user’s needs and challenges. A system that offers well-being and ease, ultimately saving people time and energy. At the height of their mission, Paradigm Communities’ governing model nurtures residents and helps them become the best version of themselves. Facilitating healthy living through amenities that allow your to-do-list to be shorter than it has ever been. Using that saved time to invest in upbringing children, creating more family moments, starting or building a business, or contributing to society.

Paradigm Communities has taken the core structure of a traditional HOA and amplified it. They reinvented the disrepute Homeowner’s Association model into a supportive system that alleviates the burden of everyday life management and offers an array of services that emphasize family, hobbies, and health.

Residents have access to shared office space, concierge services, an onsite maintenance service, cleaning services, laundry services, meal preparation, flexible childcare, community yoga, a basketball court and swimming pool.

Paradigm Community homes include features that are carefully selected for a more efficient and organized home. Homes are designed by a mom, for moms. “We are the first Real Estate developers to collaborate with home organizers during the architectural phases so that all the solutions are already included in a home.” Said Solh.

“Time is the one thing that can’t be purchased, rewound, or replaced,” Solh. “We are providing a lifestyle solution that allows people to focus on what’s important in life, whether its spending time with family, spending time on passions and hobbies, or even resting.

The Paradigm Communities philosophy believes in equity. We are committed to empowering women, specifically. Women tend to carry more of the household responsibilities, even if they work full time. The environment provided by our communities is crucial to allowing women to handle it all while enjoying the journey. We acknowledge the impact that “doing it all” has on one’s mental, emotional, and physical health- and we found that there is a smarter way to manage. This is where women empowerment meets Real Estate Development.

Paradigm Communities are for everyone, but they are designed to reduce the burden of domestic responsibilities for those who are burdened by them the most!

By providing homes with amenities and services not provided elsewhere, we are simply helping people gain time and energy to experience what sparks Joy in their lives, instead of having life be a series of errands and chores. A design favorite are the pre-installed holiday LED lights that can be customized with a switch board. Now you can be holiday-ready with a click of a button.

Currently, Paradigm Communities will be partnering with local developers across the United States via a program launching in early 2024. Local developers interested in learning more can submit their information via the Paradigm Communities website.

The first Paradigm Community is slated to begin development Fall 2023 in Florida. More information can be found at


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