Byron Pineda, 33 (ECSO)

Florida Rep. Gaetz Blasts Biden’s Open Border After Illegal Alien, Wanted By ICE, Kills Motorcyclist

Byron Pineda, 33 (ECSO)
Byron Pineda, 33 (ECSO)

President Joe Biden’s open-border policy claimed another American’s life this week, this time in northwest Florida.

That prompted Rep. Matt Gaetz to demand that Congress take action to hold Biden accountable and that the government jump-start “the largest arrest and deportation operation the world has ever seen” once former President Donald Trump is elected in November.

According to, a motorcyclist, a 21-year-old Pensacola man, was traveling north on the inside lane of a highway on the west side of Pensacola on Tuesday night when another driver, identified as Byron Pineda, 33, changed lanes and struck him.

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The motorcyclist died as a result of the crash. reported that Pineda was arrested for driving while having a suspended or revoked license. But Pineda was also wanted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

In response to Pineda’s arrest, Gaetz posted his mugshot on X and noted that the 33-year-old was an illegal alien sought by ICE.

Pineda, Gaetz added, “killed one of my constituents in Northwest Florida yesterday. When President Trump returns to the White House, we must endeavor on the largest arrest & deportation operation the world has ever seen.”

“Illegal aliens are literally killing our neighbors in every community in America,” Gaetz posted. “When will Congress wake up to the danger and take action to save lives?”

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It’s unclear how many Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants.

Texas GOP Rep. Troy Nehls last September, in promoting a bill to help Angel Families, who are families who’ve lost loved ones to crimes committed by illegals, noted, “There is no official record that specifically tracks crimes committed by illegal aliens in the U.S., and little is done for the families of these victims.”

Last March, Republican Rep. Ashley Hinson of Iowa asked Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas how many Americans had been killed or attacked by illegals since Biden took office.

Mayorkas did not answer the question.

“It should be an absolute priority for you,” Hinson told Mayorkas, “ not only to know that number but to know the names of these victims.”   

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