Biden and Commander (White House)

Secret Service Agents Bitten By Biden’s Dog Commander In At Least 2 Dozen Attacks

Biden and Commander (White House)
Biden and Commander (White House)

U.S. Secret Service agents offer to put their lives on the line to protect America’s president.

However, those agents working for President Joe Biden likely never expected that one of the main threats they would face came from Biden’s anti-social dog.  

CNN reported on Wednesday that Biden’s German shepherd, Commander, bit agents at least 24 times between October 2022 and September 2023.

At least 10 of those incidents were serious enough to warrant medical attention for Secret Service personnel.

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Meanwhile, “that number does not include additional incidents CNN has previously reported involving executive residence staff and other White House workers,” the network reported.

Secret Service Dog Bit Incidents (CNN)
Secret Service Dog Bit Incidents (CNN)

The upshot is that Commander’s vicious streak created a “serious workplace issue” for the hundreds of people who work for the White House. The dog’s behavior appeared to force the Secret Service to focus on Commander as much as anything.

In June 2023, an unidentified assistant special agent in charge of the agency’s Presidential Protective Division wrote to the rest of the team, “The recent dog bites have challenged us to adjust our operational tactics when Commander is present – please give lots of room.” The agent added that those on the president’s security detail “must be creative to ensure our own personal safety.”

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The New York Post added that in one case, White House tours were temporarily suspended so janitors could “mop up blood from the floor of the East Wing.” In another incident with Commander, an agent sustained a “severe deep open wound” at the Bidens’ vacation retreat in Delaware.

CNN noted that Commander remained on the White House grounds and traveled with Biden for at least three months after that email was sent. During that time, “multiple” other biting incidents occurred.

At one point in May 2023, CNN noted, an unnamed agent on the White House team argued that “the pet should not be out on its own.”

CNN also reported that, according to staff who work for Biden and first lady Jill Biden, the first family cares “deeply about the safety of those who work at the White House.”

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“Despite additional dog training, leashing, working with veterinarians, and consulting with animal behaviorists, the White House environment simply proved too much for Commander,” who was sent away to live with other Biden family members.

As the Tampa Free Press reported in September, Commander was the Bidens’ second German shepherd to be forced into exile for vicious behavior toward the staff.   

Their dog, Major, was sent packing after a string of biting incidents.

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