U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Florida Sen. Rubio: Electing Trump May Be The Last Chance To Save America From Bipartisan Ruling Class

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) (File)

Sen. Marco Rubio argues that, as shown by the guilty verdict in former President Donald Trump’s alleged hush-money trial, America’s “ruling class” is openly trying to destroy the country.

The only way to prevent that, the Florida Republican maintains, is to send Trump back to the White House in November.

In an opinion article published by Newsweek on Friday, the day after a New York City jury convicted Trump of 34 counts of first-degree falsification of business records, Rubio likened the case to the show trials conducted by Cuban communist dictator Fidel Castro that Rubio heard about while growing up in Miami.

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“Not even in my worst nightmares would something like that ever happen here in America,” Rubio wrote. “But it did.”

He noted that for seven weeks, Trump was “held hostage” in a New York courtroom on an “absurd indictment by a far-Left prosecutor infamous for being lenient with violent criminals.”

In addition, the judge presiding over the case had donated money to Joe Biden in 2020, while his daughter used the trial to raise money for left-wing Democratic politicians, and the case was heard by jurors from one of the most liberal Democrat counties in America.

“It was a sham political show trial like the ones Communists used against their political opponents in Cuba and the Soviet Union. But it’s just the latest episode in what is now a deranged eight-year effort by an American ruling class in both political parties to prevent, at any cost, the election of someone who puts the interest of everyday Americans first,” Rubio wrote.

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The senator noted that in 2016, Democratic operatives sought to convince 37 GOP electors to “reject their oaths—and in some cases, state law” to vote against Trump in the Electoral College and deny him the presidency.

Democrats subsequently impeached Trump twice while in office and in 2024 attempted to boot him off the ballot, which Rubio noted was “an effort so insane it was rejected unanimously by the Supreme Court. Last week’s verdict illustrated the “unprecedented efforts to jail, bankrupt, and otherwise prevent him from campaigning,” Rubio added.

Rubio contended that the ruling class is desperate to sideline Trump simply because voters like him more than Biden.

“The reasons why aren’t a mystery. Life was better, America was stronger, and the world less chaotic when Trump was president,” Rubio wrote. “Under a weak and failed Joe Biden, Americans feel that we’re a nation in decline. We aren’t respected or feared abroad. And we aren’t thriving at home. Wages aren’t keeping up with rising costs. Men aren’t working. Families aren’t growing. And young people are more lonely, isolated, and hopeless than ever.”

“Either because of incompetence or Joe Biden’s obvious senility, or maybe both, it seems the ruling class is actually trying to destroy America,” the GOP senator argued.

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He maintained that we can see the evidence from at least 10 million illegal immigrants entering the country in just three years.

“Known terrorists, violent gang members, and sex traffickers roam our streets. Violence plagues once-quiet neighborhoods. Small communities are overwhelmed. And innocent Americans are being killed and raped,” Rubio noted. “All of this because of Joe Biden’s policies.”

Elsewhere, he continued, American flags are burned, Vice President Kamala Harris once raised bail money for violent thugs that destroyed small businesses and assaulted cops, and numerous Biden staffers openly sided with the terrorists from Hamas.

“All Biden could say is that there were good people on both sides,” he noted.

But preeminent among all that, said Rubio, is the “coordinated legal effort” to deny Americans the ability to vote for Trump.

Rubio also scolded Republicans who refuse to support Trump. If they still refuse to vote for him after all of these efforts to undermine him, they would “literally … vote to normalize the weaponization of government against political opponents and criminalize the traditional American way of life.”

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The senator added that Americans now live in a time of perpetual political campaigning that is made worse because they see those with different views as “inherently evil.”

Exacerbating that is the fact that America’s bipartisan ruling class is willing “to do anything to shut out at least half the country from our political process, even if it means tearing the country apart,” Rubio wrote.

“This is the unfortunate reality we now face,” he continued. “Any Republican who stands up for the interests of ordinary everyday Americans will be hated, vilified, and now perhaps even indicted and jailed.”

And that’s because “on issue after issue, what hard-working Americans care about and want isn’t just different from what our ruling class of oligarchs and alleged experts want; it is threatening to them. And they will stop at nothing to destroy anyone they view as a threat to their power and wealth.”

What we see now, Rubio said, is the fruits of a decades-long effort to tear America down through globalization, deindustrialization, drugs, and culture war.

“This feeling of loss is why Donald Trump’s message—Make America Great Again—connected with voters in 2016. And it is why he is leading in the polls again now in 2024,” Rubio noted.

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“The difference between 2016 and today is that now Americans remember what a strong America looked like. Hardly mentioned and largely forgotten is the fact that Trump had a 49 percent approval rating in January 2020. Because as president, the steps he took then—and plans to take again—were good for our nation and our people. He helped restore a sense of pride, patriotism, and hope in the future.”

Yet the pandemic wrought by China and four years with a “senile, weak, and dishonest Joe Biden destroyed all that,” he continued.

“In November, we have what may be our last chance to save this country. Our last chance to not just make our country great again, but to make it greater than it has ever been,” Rubio concluded.

“Deranged far-Left Democrats will not do. And old-school Republicans afraid of losing their membership in the ruling class club won’t either.

But Donald Trump already did it once. And if we send him back to the White House this November, he will do it again.”

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